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Queens of seduction.....
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Are You Real?
Your hair is indescribably soft and smooth. Your eyes, remind me of honey-sickle in the glistening sun. Your lips are gentle and plump like a peach. Your skin is white as snow and as smooth and hard as marble& stone. You sometimes speak of a time that is not known to me. Your smell is indescribably sweet and, just wonderful. You dress commonly to fit in with the world and its surroundings. You are very kind and considerate of how you affect the ones you love. I hear about you a lot, and to what people say, like how you’re so hot, and they wish that you were with them. I see...
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“Leon, wait,” Yelled my little sister Yuffie, who was adopted. I was half way out my bedroom window.
“Shush, you’ll wake mom.” I told her
    “But, Leon, you shouldn’t sneak out. You’ll get in trouble again.”
    “No, I won’t, unless you tell on me again.” I whispered to her.
    “What happens if mom wakes up?” Yuffie asked.
    “Just go back to cama and stop worrying about me.” I almost yelled. I jumped the rest of the way out of my window without another word. As I hit the ground I started...
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