Vampire Weekend Please tweet this message so I can win free tickets for a Vampire Weekend show!

vballchick08 posted on Mar 22, 2010 at 03:19AM
Please tell @indieverse that @akakimi should win tickets to see Vampire Weekend.

If you don't have Twitter, please just make an account because it takes like a minute or less to make one.

I love Vampire Weekend and have been a fan since their first album came out. I've never been to a concert before, so it would be awesome to win and experience everything for the first time! I'll love you forever! Haha I'm that desperate.. I'm 16 and broke so I really need this, too!

Tweet the message from 8am on Monday to 5pm on Wednesday. Central Standard time, btw. And you can only vote once a day. If you have multiple accounts please use those too, and tell your followers to tweet as well, to help me win this thing! I'm only vs. 5 people so its not too much competition! But I'm determined to win!

Please help out a fellow Vampire Weekend fan! xoxo

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