vampire knight My first time leitura the manga.... (Warning: Spoilers)

Passionate18 posted on Feb 17, 2016 at 01:38PM
The first time I was introduced to the VK world was a few years ago when an anime website recommended that I'd enjoy the series. I completed the two seasons in one sitting and instantly fell in love with the characters.

After not thinking about it for a while, last week I started reading the manga for the first time and oh my gosh..... wow. Its rare I get attached to something so strongly, but these characters and their situations felt so real to me.... Yuuki, Zero, Kaname, Aidou, Headmaster Cross (and more), they are all such ridiculously beautiful characters. Even though all of them were not perfect, they all had beautiful intentions and in one way or another, cared for those around them. Some wanted to make the world a better place and some were so ridiculously self sacrificing, it was so hard to not hold back the tears at times...... especially the ending.

I was definitely team Zero, because I saw him as being Yuuki's true soul mate and I would have actually liked to see more of their life, post-Kaname's death (i.e. Yuuki's pregnancy/second child to Zero). But on that note, Kaname was such an honorable man (the endless sacrifices) and vampire that I felt a tremendous loss for Yuuki for not having enough time with him after her past memories were restored to her. I suppose her first child (Kaname's) was the living symbol of their love and the short time that they were able to have together (finally, after Kaname's long wait protecting her on the sidelines), but I still cannot wrap my head around why he had to die and leave her.... I know it was for such a selfless cause, but why?!? WHY?!? my heart broke for Kaname, Yuuki and Zero in that chapter.... they had all gone through hell and back in one way or another.

Personally, if they were to create MORE chapters of the manga, I'd really like to see one that covers Yuuki/Zeros life as a couple (since they spent a while dancing around each other after Kaname's death) and of Kaname's new beginning when Yuuki resurrects him as a human - i.e. the relationship he has with Yuuki's children, meeting old friends from the beginning and finding out about everything that had happened in the past 1,000 years before his resurrection.

So now, after reading almost all the manga page to page and watching the series (a billion times), I am feeling a great loss, the loss you feel when something great has to end. As I said, these characters felt so incredibly real to me, I love them... I love them all.

I would be so ridiculously happy if they rebooted it again in the same style for season 3.... preferably with the same voice over actors. Probably sounds impossible, but since Sailor Moon was recently rebooted, one can only hope and dream.
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over a year ago 563blackghost said…
You literally voiced out my thoughts on VK. As the same as you I would like to see more of Zero/Yuki and they have recently came out with more of their story and I just love it. I would love to see a reboot of Season 3. I mean it was obvious it would end based upon the exclusion of Sara and the kiss before Yuki left but I would really really like to see one especially with Miyano still playing Zero XD.