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Okay this is a Rosalie and emmett fã fiction.Thanks to someone special named KEVIN. i thought about this. LOL

I was hunting in the upper north part of Canada and then all of a sudden i hear a man screaming, but then I smell the smell of blood. Pure Human blood. Curious and thirsty i go to see what was making all the noise.
I see this beautiful man who looks like Henry, Vera's son from long atrás and this beautiful man is being malled urso an angry grizzly bear. i can see him, the beautiful man writhing in pain, trying to defend himself from that pitiful thing he calls a monster. Only watching...
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Disclaimer: These are my views, please don't be offended

I don't know about everyone, but TOO many people type using net-speak and horrid spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Typos are perfectly fine, but when someone types something that looks like this:

i lyk ttly luv edward he is so s3xy jacob is a hawttie 2

It completely irritates me.

Those few lines have many things wrong with it:

1) Lack of capitalization and punctuation.

Without proper capitalization, the sentences look very amateur. We don't know when a new sentence starts, and it shows lack of respect (excuse me for sounding cheesy) towards...
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