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posted by She_wolf
 my fave quote from this chapter :)
my fave quote from this chapter :)
Chapter Four (thanks to everyone who's commented)

I coughed, his words ringing in ears. There was something stuck in my throat. Half-brothers! My head and stomach were spinning, like a tumble drier. My dad was Billy Black? I turned away from Jake and threw up. That cleared my head, which made my coração ache. Why hadn’t my mom told me? She knew that I used to cry myself to sleep when I was younger because I’d seen a happy family out on the de praia, praia at La push. Why hadn’t she thought to tell me?
Jake was trying not to listen to my thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. He flinched, at my memory. Then he thought of when his own Mom had died.
Then I had an amazing idea. I have a Mom I thought slowly. He flinched again. And you have a Dad. We could cadastrar-se up. Be one big family, it would be pretty weird to start with but don’t we both want a family? Billy could keep my Mom in check. I listened to Jake thinking about that idea. He liked the idea of having me as a brother, but not having my mom as his ‘mom’.
We’ll have to see Embry. We are family now anyway. lobo Brothers. He thought.
Y’know Jake…
I thought hesitantly That means I could be Alpha too…
He rumbled with laughter. I’d better get back. He thought gently. You coming Embry?
Not just yet I need to go get my jeans. I lied.
Ok. See you at school tomorrow. Jake thought as he disappeared. Soon he too was gone. My mind was left on it’s own. I slowly let my guard down, the guard I’d had up when Jake was there. I looked up at the moon, and opened my mouth. No howl came. It was being silenced por my sobs. I fell to the ground. I didn’t know why I was crying. Surely I knew who my dad was now? But all the sadness from my whole life was coming back to me. My carefully packed away ‘family life’ memories had leaked out. I closed my eyes.

I climbed the mural of my house easily. Luckily you could open my bedroom window from the outside. That used to bother me, but not anymore. My school bag was packed and neatly hung on the back of my chair. I grabbed my leather wallet, and shoved it into the pocket of my jeans. I’d slept outside all night, and knew all hell would break lose if my mom caught me. I crept over to my wardrobe and pulled on the first plain t-shirt I could find. My baseball shoes were easy to find too, and only took a segundo to slip on. I’d eaten in my lobo form, so I didn’t need to find something to eat. I slung my school bag over my shoulder, and jumped nimbly out my window again.
I jogged gently to school. It wasn’t far and I knew the way, but I still managed to take the wrong turn. Trying to block out every thought and feeling apart from my basic needs, was so difficult it took all my will power.
Jake was early too. He was sat inside the Rabbit, leitura a chemistry book. He looked up and beckoned to me. I walked over, past a group of kids I hardly knew from my class. They turned to stare at me. I felt my self flush red, but forced my feet to stay walking at this slowly steady pace.
“Oh. My. God!” The schools gossip, Keighley turned to her long suffering boyfriend Matt “It’s Embry Call, he’s the illegitimate son of Billy Black.” Matt shrugged “Y’know Jacob Blacks dad?” she prompted, Matt nodded half heartedly. Last week she hadn’t even known my name.
Her best friend April gasped, her mascara wand hovering in mid air as she over heard what Keighley had said. A few braver people turned around to stare at me.
“He even looks like Billy Black.” April remarked as I reached Jake’s car.
Jake nimbly jumped out of the cab throwing the chemistry book aside. “Hey Embry!” He grinned, clutching a piece of paper tightly his hand. He saw me staring at it. “Picture of me and Ness” His grin widened, as he showed it too me. I gasped. The girl seguinte to Jake looked about six, the last time I’d seen her she was still a toddler. Jake smiled. “She grows up so fast.”
I chuckled “Your telling me. I swear she was three last time I saw her.”
Jake chuckled too, “She growing up mais and mais slo…” The sino cut him off mid sentence. He shrugged and slammed the door shut. We sloped off to class.

Hope you all liked this! =] Did you think Embrys reaction was good enough? I dont think of him as an angry person, so I thought he'd be sad that his mom never told him. amor she_wolf x
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