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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

i slept really well the melody was amazing i hope that the pianist play every night ,i hope that i get to meet him

i change into some jeans and a blue polo tshirt
today again rose insisted to do my make up while she told me about emmet i was really surprize usually boys were the one that fall for rose not the other way around
"i can't believe it you hadn't spoke about yourself in 15 minutos only about emmet you must really like him" i said teasingly
she slap my arm
"yeah i do he is just"
someone knock at the door and it was alice! i hug her
"hi alice"
"hi bella you are so lucky to be roomies with rose , my roomate is lauren" she said her name in disgust
"lauren?" rose ask while we walk to the classrooms
"yeah she is one of the many that is crazy inlove with edward " she said annoy and rolling her eyes but then she smile
"oh i just remember we have to go shopping for dresses for the homecoming dance!" she said excited
shopping?? i hate to comprar rose was just as excited as alice they started to talk so i just try to follow the conversation but i got lost
appareantly we were going tomorrow to the mall yay ! not

classes pass really quickly i didn't saw edward so i was lucky .
he would probably was really mad about what i did lauren jessica and what i liked to call the rest of edward fãs look at me in three different ways
1. with disgust and anger
2. like i was some kind of alien with a third eye
3. pity and confusion as if i was mentaly ill

i was walking out of my last class when i saw james wave at me
" hi james" i said and smile
"hi bella"
"well i was wondering that maybe you woul--" but suddenly a basquetebol, basquete came straight to james face
james yell in pain and i saw blood coming from his nose i look around and saw EDWARD CULLEN in the basquetebol, basquete court smiling hugley at me i pointed at him and he shrug his arms and put an innocent face

i look at james
"comon james ill take you to the nurse"
"ok" he said holding back cries i think

we arrive to the nurse and she said i should leave so i leave and went to the basquetebol, basquete court i was furious at edward what was his problem when i finally arrive i saw 9 other boys playing until i finally saw edward

he wasn't wearng a tshirt that stop me short
i shake my head to clear my thoughts

"did you throw that ball to james?" i ask furious
he look a bit surprize that i was so angy
"no - ok yes i did but it was really funny you have to admit it" he said and chucled
"you are such jerk "i snap at him

he took my wrist and pull me closer
and murrmure to my ear his breath made me shiver but then i remember i was angry
"i made you a favor a girl as beautiful as you shouldn't be with losers like him you should be with someone like me " he said and smile
i push him away
" just leave me alone. do you think that just because you are edward cullen you can be a pig and mess around with girls feelings? Well im not like that i hate guys like you that feel they can do anything to anyone , you are such a pig , oh and GO TO HELL EDWARD CULLEN"

some guy chucled and other said "ouch"
i turn around and run to my dorm rose wasn't início but it was late so i decieded to go to cama
and read a bit of my fave books

when i was in the middle of the book a melody started to play it was a new melody this one it was really sad fill with grief and misery i realize that i tear was on my cheek after a while the melody stop and i went to sleep thinking about the pianist and why he would play such a sad song was he miserable ???
who was he??

edwards pov
after another huge rejection of bella swan( i have to admit although it was emabarassing as hell bella was a just so amazing how someone that look like an delicate angel could have so much anger in them but i was also amaze that she would tell me that so my face i think it was the truth i was a pig that use girls ......
i don't know why i throw the ball at james to my friends i told them that so i could mess with him but i knew that was i lie
i went to the música room and sat on the piano and let the emotions flow throw my melody
today was september 5 today a few years atrás mom die i miss her so much after a few minutos i was crying my eyes out it was a good thing i lock the door if someone enter my reputation would be ruin
i miss esme so much she was the most caring ,sweet mom
and the worst was that i was alone my brother and sister ignore me when i became the pig i am now but that was an easier way to try to forget the pain
i didn't wanted to go to my room with my roomate mike newton so i just lay on the floor of the música room . mike would probalby think i was with a girl or something after i while i fall asleep thinking of a brown eye angel
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