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(Thanks twilightchick 4 the ideas and twilight 594 or some other number for Jasper's new username!)

Chapter 4! (texting!)

Edward: WTF! omb! omb! omb!

Bella: WOEIYPD?!?! is coca-cola going out of the biz?

Edward: NO! wanda from Fairly Odd Parents is txting me! wat is WOEIYPD?

Bella: What On Earth Is Your Problem, Dude? wanda is txting u?

Edward: yea.

Wanda: Ooooooh. Edward Cullen. My sister, Jessica Stanley, told me about you! She says your smoking hot! Ooops! Cosmo is texting me!

Cosmo: APPLE! SB is texting me!

Bella: SB?

Cosmo: Spongebob!

Spongebob: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!

Cosmo: I'm a goofy goober,...
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My name is Bella cisne and I have the best life that anyone could ask for. Well, the best life possible, considering I live in a perpetual rainstorm everyday. Rain aside, I have it all. I have a mom and dad who amor each other, a group of friends who are like a segundo family to me, and the possibility of a new boyfriend. Granted, I don’t have any siblings but that’s okay. That’s what I have the Cullen’s for. Well not Edward. I couldn’t ever think of Edward as a brother. Emmett and Jasper, yes, but not Edward.

The first time I saw Edward I forgot how to breathe. He looked like an angel....
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Sorry it took so long to do this chapter! I was super busy. Right now I'm sick, so looked on here and remembered I hadn't done this in a while. So I decided to do chapter 3. Here it is! Enjoy!!!
Bella's After Life
Chapter 3

I walked into the living room to find Renesmee sitting on Emmett lap while watching a football game. Renesmee looked over at me and smiled. She then reached out to me, squeezing her tiny hands into fists twice real quick.

I walked over to her and took her off Emmett lap. "Hey! We were having some bonding time!" Emmett said,...
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I woke up and saw the gloomy weather, this made me smile, and this meant he would be there. I got up and headed for the bathroom, I was praying my father had already left. I got in the chuveiro and turned the water on, it was cold it made me gasp, like the other dia with Edward. I turned the water hot then, this reminded me of Jacob. I did feel bad for Jacob, I truly did, he was my boyfriend, but there is something that draws me to Edward. I got out of the chuveiro and wrapped a towel around myself. Today I had decided to wear a white singlet and a blue blouse. I walked down stairs and saw Jacob...
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Edwards POV Ch2

" I can't really dance", She whispered when we were on the dancefloor.
"Do not worry I will guide you thorough". I tried to reassure her so to make her feel better I would start with introductions.
" My name is Edward Anthony Masen and your is ?"
" Isabella Marie cisne but I prefer Bella." She spoke as if she was agitated. Better to calm her down.
"Okay Bella you do not have to worry I will guide you thorough."
Then carefully I sild my hand across her small soft waist and pulled her close and held her hand mine.
At that moment all I wanted was her and I and I would always want her...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: As you know, I don’t own any of the Twilight characters.

A/N: This is my first work so please read and review. I amor composição literária this and amor to see the reviews!

Chapter 2

Alice was practically dragging me into the house before my parent’s car disappeared around the corner. I knew what was coming, but I still was not ready for it. I was not ready to become a barbie for her. But I was ready to have some time with her. She was my best friend that I ever had and I was very lucky to have her. When they first moved here no one would talk to them. I didn’t understand that at all. Other...
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Hi! This is the sequel to Bella's New Mate. If you haven't read Bella's New Mate, then maybe you should read it or you might not make sense of this story. For those of you who have read Bella's New Mate, I left off some details:First of all, Bella is technically with Edward and James is just her friend. That is all. Enjoy the preface.

Bella's POV

After all we had been through, I never thought it would come to this. We had tried many times to make peace but, they had all been in vain. Now, the world was quiet as we waited for her fury.

Cliffhanger! Review. And as your reward for reviewing, you will get a cookie.
Text Messaging
3 hours later

Carlisle and Bella are texting.
Bella: is edward ok? u btr tell me, or i'll hrt u! u know it's tru. i'd do anything 4 edward. tell me!
Carlisle: bella, calm down. edward is abso. fine. may i b shot if i am lying. even tho that would not hrt.
Bella: but wat is vampiremonoculosis? dude, really! i need some info here! edward has a disease! oh dear, my 1 and only luv has vampiremonoculosis.
Carlisle: it happens wen a vamp. eats 2 much human food. he thought red kool aid was blood, and drank it 4 3 hrs straight!
Bella: oh dear. Jake is texting me.
Jacob: yo, yo, yo. DJ jakey...
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 alice:you're still the same dannie. dannie:*looking outside the window* ya, your normal everyday vampire...
alice:you're still the same dannie. dannie:*looking outside the window* ya, your normal everyday vampire...
chapter 3:explanations And meeting Jacob...
They all just looked at each other in silence. "what are you talking about," Carlisle said, breaking the silence. "you were running and cracked your neck a little tripping on a rock, lucky for you Emmett walked por and found you on the floor and brought you here." I looked over my shoulder to see Emmett.
"guilty." he smiled. I couldn't help but smile back and laugh.
"would you like a tour?" Alice said, smiling.
"ummm...ok," Alice took my hand and Edward's.
"whoa, whoa, whoa...were are you taking me?" he...
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 8.

I was in a forest. Everything was green. The grass, the trees, the moss, all green, different shades of green, but still green. No matter where I looked it was forest, it looked like there was no way out. I walked straight ahead for a while, always trying to find an escape. I thought about screaming, but I had a strong feeling that no one would hear me. I kept walking, and then all of a sudden there was bright sunlight behind the trees. I could almost see an opening, the trees were getting further apart, I was beginning to see blue sky through the all the lush bush.

I could...
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posted by Repo-girl
Hi! I am doing soooooo good on the story! I wrote four pages on this one too and it does have some sex in this one too. Bella afraid of what will happen if she says no to James and he will hurt her if she does something that he doesn't like. You will find this out in this chapter. Bella will get hurt a little in this one guys, I'm sorry. Now on with the story.

Chapter 14
Bella's POV

I had a dreamless sleep. I woke up and James wasn't there. I went outside. I wanted a look around. The cabine was in the middle of nowhere. There was a little backyard and there was a gate around it. There was a shed...
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posted by Styfalie
Here it is, por popular demand, Chapter 12!

There will be a slight delay on Chapter 13 as it needs some serious proof reading, but it should be up por the weekend, I hope.

Please be patient with me for the rest. I've just started a job and with that and school I will be quite busy.

Thank you all again. I know, I know. I thank you every time I put in an author's note. But I can't help it. I appreciate you're leitura my work mais than anyone will ever know!

Thank you & Peace.
Chapter 12: Consultation (Bella)
I paced back and forth in front...
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posted by xBellaxEwardx21

I was posting this story on fã fiction for a while! But I got a comment that i should post it on here too! So im going to see how this works. I think i might write this one a tad differently then i wrote the one on fã fiction. I am going to use different names. So here it is!!! Its set during Eclipse. But im not going along in perfect Oder of events. Like almost all of the events that occurred in eclipse will occur in this. But they won't go in perfect Oder.


I never really gave much thought into death. I never gave much thought into life either. I just always thought we were kind...
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Jasper could smell her a mile away, and then there she was, perched on an immaculately maintained Cannondale only a few taunting feet away as they both waited for a red light. Jasper glanced at her, thankful that his helmet's visor was secure. It didn't help much, but it definitely kept his hands on the handlebars of his bike rather than her neck, which pulsed heavily and was perfumed with citrus-smelling sweat. She looked over at him and smiled. The light changed to green, but Jasper hesitated a moment, watched her go. He cursed under his breath and hit the throttle on his motorcycle.

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