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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by CapShunsuifan13
Just a sample of a fanfic ive considered writing. Tell me what you think.
All SOA characters belong to Kurt Sutter aside from my OC

He was back in his own country, it had been so long but he was finally back.
No that wasn't right, he wasn't in his own country, he hadn't been there in 18 years. No he wasn't there, but he was home, it had been ten years since he was last here. Ten years.....
He stepped out of the SUV, the cold air hitting him in the face like a ton of bricks. This was California it shouldn't be this cold. He nodded to the driver, letting him known it was okay to leave. But the black...
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posted by tinaloo
A/N: so i did this story on and i thought i would share it with all of you

Today was just a relaxing dia at the FI kingdom as a young Flame and Frosta Played outside in there garden. At least it was relaxing to the twins, they where only four so they didn't know what really was going on. Inside the great castelo was the Dictator Spike watching over his young children fearing for them. "I cant go to the Meeting and Leave them all alone.." he said as he watched them play. He was looking at Flame who seemed to amor being under the sun that was shining brightly. "Flame is just like...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
On an island,
Sea around,
This is a place,
Nightmares are found.

Stinking bogs,
And tombstones black,
It is waiting,
To attack.

Enter now,
And you will find,
Objects of,
The destroyed kind.

Bloody puddles,
Broken mirrors,
Headless dolls,
All to fuel your fears.

Around the corner,
Darkness waits,
For the seguinte victim,
And his fate.

Death and distress,
Blood and gore,
Normal things,
That we adore.

Twins in life,
Death as well,
Pale and ghostly,
We won't tell.

What had happened,
Late one night,
After she barked,
Before the bite.

Now we lay,
In watery grave,
Bodies empty,
Souls not saved.

Until the night,
We answer her call,
Haunt the living,
Until they fall.
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posted by hgfan5602
Ever wish you got a shoulder to lean on?
Ever wish you weren't always cryin' in the rain?
Ever wish you weren't always so lonely, girl?
Ever wish you could fly?

In the darkness,
I've always leaned on my shoulder
Who always saw who I really was
Never mistook me for someone else

I'm just a small shadow
Cowering in the rain
But once I got my shoulder
Boy, I feel so strong

The shoulder who always saw through me
The person who always knew what I felt
The person who always stayed por my side
My faithful friend through rain and hail

Did you ever know you were my shoulder?
Did you ever know I would never be
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posted by IlovePatch97

The only sound I could hear was the crackle of the fogo burning in the fireplace. I stared up at the purple Victorian canvas above my head. It is probably 5 in the morning, my eyes were so sore but I couldn't close them. I was very tired but I couldn't stop thinking about what happened after jantar last night.
    It was around eight in the evening. My brother and I had just finished eating when out of the blue; Mr. Matinary stormed in demanding to talk to my brother at once. Mr. Matinary, a stocky man with dark hair who is a friend of my brothers he was holding...
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My eyes switched from Aaron to Gary I had no idea what they ment, trying to escape Daniel's cluches would on lead to a world of suffering pain of pure torture.

"Well turns out the old hag isn't in this morning so I say this is our actual and only chance of getting the hell out of here." Aaron stated with huge grin.

"Are you sure did you check the whole house?" I asked.

"Positive. Every spot of this place, he's nowhere in this house."

"And if he is? I mean come in Aaron what if he catches us? Then what do we do?"

"Wow and to think I thought Stella Gardener would take this chance with joy...
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