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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Seven
Book Three- Zoe


      I stayed início all dia today. I observed Shane as he inspected the forest. It was like he created work from himself so that he could stay here longer. I could just stroll out here and demand why he was still here but Emma came or appeared. I was up in the basement and she stood right alongside of me. I had gotten use to her just materializing whenever she pleased. "Hey Emma," I greeted without removing my gaze from Shane, "What brings you by?"
      "I need you,...
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posted by cuteypuffgirl
This a short poem I came up with. I'm not a descriptive person. I prefer just simple words in poems. This deals with the term, "Looking behind the smile." This is inspired por a friend and mine's life experiences. Enjoy :)

Gone: a poem

She sat alone
in the corner of the room.
She didn't speak
she would merely loom.
Like she was a shadow
an invisible ghost.
No one gave
a damn at the most.

She would sit there
and simply stare
looking at those
who ignored her.
No one looked
at her twice
no one bothered
when she was nice.

She was a nobody,
forgotten por all.
Her ever-blank stares
directed at the bare, empty wall....
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posted by rory2011
the last paper from Mary's life fall down ,she know why she will die ,it's not just because the money ,it's because she's a woman in a poor family in this terrible world ,but she can't do anything now
Mary put her sons in their beds wishing for them a good dreams ,her tear was in her green eyes ,her tear give her eyes sparkle

Mary and David thought that the kids are in a deep sleep ,so they took their chance to change their clothes and get ready to go when the sun will start to rise
Mary was looking at the sky from the window ,David were sitting seguinte to her ,but his eyes were on the floor...
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posted by Problematic129
Wow...I am so so so so so so so SORRY! (Again...meh) but hey, hi. Part...14! Let;s go with that, how've you lovelies been doing? Me? Good, actually, I am quiet liking my high school and cannot wait for halloween, even though I have no costume what so ever yet. But..hey, who cares? I'm tempted to go in my night clothes and come back início to just fall on my cama and sleep.
Has anyone told you they loved you recently? Because I do, and like you, I need my dose of inspiring pics and what-not. Routine...I own nothing, all these pictures go to their rightful owners. Some of these pictures come from...
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