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posted by hatsunemiku1
 Th 13.5 logo
Th 13.5 logo
ZUN and Tasofro have announced Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade. It's another fighting game. It appears to have a different engine entirely from the other Touhou fighting games. The sprites are also different. While having a higher, resolution than the old sprites, they have less style. I think that I'll miss the old sprites, but that might just be nostalgia.

"It took a great deal of planning until the announcement, I'm sure because it was completed properly and developed with different concept that it felt like years." -ZUN

Introduction to Touhou 13.5: Touhou Shinkirou - Hopeless Masquerade...
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so far i've created a few Touhou character clubs. i wanted to make a club about EVERY Touhou character, but there's just way too many. so here's a list of the characters who still need their own club (P.S. Flandre, Remilia, Yuyuko, Patchouli, Sakuya, Alice, Reimu, Marisa, Cirno and Suika are already taken)

Rika (里香?)

Species: Human
Theme Song: She's in a Temper!!

An engineer in Gensokyo that is the boss of stage 1 and the extra stage. She pilots the "Flower Tank" on stage one and "Evil Eye Sigma" on the extra stage. Unlike many other scrolling shooters where mechs are the primary enemy,...
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I have thousands of Touhou pictures on my computer, and I'm not exaggerating. One time I decided to sort them all out in separate folders, but I'm not even halfway done after 2 hours! Okay, I was a little side tracked, but either way I wouldn't even be close to done! How could I possibly have so many pictures, you ask? is how!

They have thousands of pictures and wallpaper, Touhou or not! Just type a name in the procurar bar for a certain character and you'll most likely get 20 pages of wallpaper and all that good stuff!

Now, I went a little overboard and spent quite a few hours on that site, but trust me, a dedicated fã would amor it.

The site also includes another popular Japanese company, Vocaloid, so don't forget to check that out, too!
posted by hatsunemiku1
Touhou 14 demo at Reitaisai 10 東方輝針城(とうほうきしんじょう) ~ Double Dealing Character.

ZUN’s blog was updated with screenshots of the new Touhou game, called 東方輝針城(とうほうきしんじょう) ~ Double Dealing Character (Touhou Kishinshou ~ Double Dealing Character).

The Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character demo, and Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade’s complete version are being released at Reitaisai 10, which is on the 26th of May. 東方輝針城 (Touhou Kishinjou) ~ Double Dealing Character. Ver. Demo , as always, will have 3 stages.

This time’s...
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