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Looks so COOL! =D
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Don't you have a feeling sometimes in the first season when Duncan was going out with Courtney was odd, Because hes the TOTAL opposite of Courtney and she is the TOTAL opposite of Duncan! Even Sierra said, "I saw sparks between Gwen & Duncan!" They were made for each other! Unlike Courtney she, nags,nags,nags and NAGS! Shes a pain! Remember in Total Drama Action, she made like a 700 page letter for not what to do and what to do! Remember she said "You need to give me a complement every hour!" Gwen, we all know she's not like that shes cool, she's relaxing she doesn't NAG! This has always been my pergunta has he been using Courtney? Or is he or was he using Gwen?
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P.S read cold pt 1 and 2 before you read this.....
I grabbed my moms keys and ran out the door. I was shivering i was so excited. I slammed on the gas and sped off. It took me an hora to get back to the producer studio. I parked the car pushed open the car door as quickly as possible and I couldn't belive my eyes. There he was. Chris stood behind him and said "its all yours" the paraded away like a stuck up super model. I ran up to the short robot that was alehanjro. I noticed a little meter on his face that had a happy smiling face on one side and a sad depressed face on the other. It was in the middle now like a relaxed mood. He spoke softly and slowly he said
I grinned and said lets go to my house.
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I did not make this.
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Owen: Keep it down so I can win the loot
Try, I will, but I still gotta fart, NO TOOT!

Heather: Toot on, but you’re still out of luck
You suck the limão chuck

Gwen: Wait till you’re voted out for being such a lout!

Courtney: I’ll dance a jig when Chris shoves you out the plane!

Alejandro: When, you…
Don’t hold back and leave the pack
Truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you

LeShawna: Swimming in your eyes
It’s butterflies
And suddenly there’s nothing I can do
Sorry, Harold

Lindsay: Wait… something’s itching in my brain
Someone’s back in the game!
My former flame!
And Tyler is your name!
The Tyler, just the same old Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler
Back you came!

Tyler: You remember me?
Oh, she remembers me!

(All lyrics were obtained por myself after listening to the songs for so long)