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DandC4evacute posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 10:16PM
this is an rp.

2. if you start something, make sure that you can add everyone in it too!


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over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Erica and Daniella: What's wrong?

Justin: What do you mean?

Dylan: what?! why are you asking me that?
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Olivia: *scoots closer to Sebastian*

Sebastian: it's like they don't understand ANYTHING! The people that come there have a combined IQ of 40 or something!

Tiffany: she was responsive for one thing...

Addison: *looks at him, then looks at Marlene*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Erica: .........Bad day?

Justin: what's the other?

Dylan: come on, you can tell me. *holds her hands*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: meh, I'm just sick of it.

Tiffany: I dunno, she just seemed... off. (Isn't his name Dustin?)

Addison: are you staying with me for me or Rachel?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Danielle: In everyday life we all face those whose intelligence just seem questionable to us.

Dustin: hmmm, well okay. (crap! I'm sorry, I've been so busy a lot lately! :( )

Penny: *walks in the kitchen* daddy! Is breakfast ready?

Dustin: just on time. *smiles as he places a plate of eggs bacon and pancakes on penny's seat*

Dylan: why are you asking me this? what's going on?
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: I know, it's just... ugh, this all better be worth it.

Tiffany: *smiles*

Addison: I just need to know.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Erica: I hope so too.

Penny: daddy? are you coming to my Fairy-tale play?

Dustin: oh, uhhh. I dunno. Maybe.

Penny: b-but, you said you were sure you'd come.

Dustin: *sighs* I know sweetheart, but Daddy has to work overtime.

Dylan: I-I.....w-wha.......Um......Y-you....uhhh *he stutters a bit*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *sighs*

Tiffany: if it helps, I can come, and bring my phone so I can Skype him so he can watch it...

Addison: I got it... *stands up*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Erica: you've had a long day at work, you should rest a bit.

Penny: *crosses her arms and turns her head away from tiffany* I guess you aren't useless as i thought.

Dustin: penny!

Penny: *sighs* fine.

Dylan: addison! wait!
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: tell me about it...

Tiffany: it's fine, I've been called worse...

Addison: ...
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dustin: can you take her to school?

Dylan: I love you.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: can you tell me the address so I can GPS it?

Addison: I-I love you too... *small voice*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dustin: *gives her the address*

Dylan: *hugs her*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: thanks babe. *turns to Penny* ready to go?

Addison: *hugs back*

Lila: aww...
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: fine. *turns to Dustin* it starts at 7 o'clock.

Dustin: okay.

Ethan: not to sound kinda cruel, but I was trying to see a little more drama.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: *kisses Dustin on the cheek* *goes outside to her car*

Addison: man, you two are alike...

Lila: I know, right?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: *follows Tiffany*

Dustin: *goes in his car and drives off to work*

Ethan: we probably get it from our mom. *points at a camera recording*

Marlene: *talks from the camera* Hey! I heard that!
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: *opens the doors*

Addison: *starts blushing really hard* you mean... ALL of this was a recording?!

Lila: OMG! *checks herself in a compact mirror*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny:*gets in the car and puts on seatbelt*

Dylan: Mom, why are you always doing this?

Marlene: uhhh.... no comment.
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over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: *gets in car, closes doors, puts on seatbelt, and starts driving* do you want to listen to some music?

Addison: does that mean that you actually do like me?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: whatever.

Marlene: i don't think so.

Dylan: Mom!

Marlene: Okay! maybe...

Erica: *lays down in bed with Olivia and pulls her closer to her*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: is that a yes or a no?

Addison: aww, come here!

over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: just turn on the music.

Marlene: *hugs Addison*

Erica: *gives her a kiss on the cheek then kisses her*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: *turns it on*

Lila: aww!!!!

Addison: *starts to cry happily*

Lila: oh my god, I feel like this is the ending to some sappy Lifetime original movie.

Olivia: *kisses back*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: *looks out the window*

Marlene: Don't cry.

Dylan: there's something else I want to do.

Erica: *gets on top of Olivia* I love you so much.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: we're here.

Addison: *thinking: is he gonna do it?* Yes?

Olivia: I love you too.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Penny: *gets her backpack and leaves the car and goes inside the school*

Dylan: would you mind...

Erica: *Her eyes turn yellow and glowing then she starts kisses Olivia's neck*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Tiffany: bye! *drives back home*

Addison: yes...?

Olivia: E-Erica...?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: cleaning up the kitchen for me?

Erica: *she places her finger on her lips* shhh. No time for talking. *she kisses Olivia again and her hair turns white and her skin turns red*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: f you.

Lila: seriously, that's not cool.

Olivia: Erica please!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *laughs* you know i'm just kidding. *pulls out a small box with a ring in it* will you marry me?

Erica: *her fangs appear and she kisses Olivia's neck*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *kisses him*

Olivia: Erica!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *kisses back* I guess that's a yes.

Erica: *she bites her neck and drinks some of her blood and Olivia's body starts to glow red*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *puts on the ring* (also, in this RP Adriana and Alex didn't get married, they are too young.)

Sebastian: *walks in the room* sorry, I just need to borrow something- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?!?!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *kisses her* (oh, okay.)

Danielle: *walks in* what's going on? *sees Erica and gasp* what the?

Erica: *her eyes turn back to normal, she removes her teeth from Olivia's neck then gasp* Oh. my. gosh. I-I'm a monster. *she slowly back away from the bed with tears in her eyes she turns and looks at sebastian and Danielle in shock* I-I can't stay here anymore! *she runs outside*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *kisses back*

Lila: well that's one way to propose to someone...

Olivia: *unconcious*

Sebastian: *turns to Danielle* you go after Erica, I'll stay here. Olivia needs someone.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *smiles*

Ethan: yeah, so Boring!

Dylan: U mad?

Ethan: *laughs* yeah, right.

Danielle: *goes after Erica* Erica? Erica! *walks into the forest* Erica! where are you?

Erica: *still running, but she stops to catch her breath*

???: well, well, well..... I didn't think you had it in you to do that to your own lover.

Erica: *gasp then glares at ???* You!

???: turning her into a monster. Just like you.

Erica: You did this to me Lithia!
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Lila: but seriously though. Proposals are all about big steps.

Sebastian: shit shit shit... *looks at Olivia's phone* I'm going to have to do this aren't I? *calls Jenny* I hate myself for doing this...
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: and I feel ready.

Jenny: *answers the phone* hello Sebastian.

Erica: *runs towards Lithia trying to attack then she gets a red glow around her body preventing her from moving* ugh! why c-can't I move?

Thomas: Hello Erica.

Erica: *shocked* N-no.

Daniella: *see something in the distance and walks towards it*
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over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: oh my gosh, I need to call Adri!

Sebastian: look, I know that I don't like you, you don't like me, but there's a girl who we both love that's in serious pain!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: sure, go ahead.

Jenny: Olivia.

Danielle: *she see Erica*

Thomas: *Brings Erica closer to him* My wife, after 600 years of you running away, I've finally found you.

Erica: I am not your wife anymore!

Thomas: oh really? We are not divorced nor was our marriage annulled.

Erica: Leave me alone!

Danielle: Put her down!
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *calls Adriana*

Adriana: hello?

Addison: *puts it on speaker*

Sebastian: yes, Olivia, and she NEEDS help! *tells what happened*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: hey Adriana. we have good news.

Jenny: I'm on my way. *leaves her house and drives to Olivia's house and knocks on the door*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: Dylan and I are engaged!

Adriana: oh my god! Finally!!

Sebastian: *opens the door and leads her to the room*

Olivia: *still unconcious*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *smiles*

Jenny: Olivia! *holds Olivia in her arms and feels her pulse* I see the problem, when Erica bit her, she turned her into what Erica is, a cursed vampire demon. Erica was once human, but she was bitten by a vampire demon. That's why Erica lived for so long, 600 years. Erica still contains her human side, but she has a somewhat uncontrollable vampire side. and she spread it down to Olivia, now she's half vampire half mermaid.

Thomas: who are you?

Danielle: I'm someone you don't want to mess with.

Lithia and Thomas: *Evil laugh*

Lithia: you think you could stop me.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: we have a lot to plan, Maid of Honor.

Adriana: *squeals*

Sebastian: fucking shit... Olivia doesn't need this, she's done nothing wrong!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: You girls are going to start planning now?

Jenny: I know that! Erica did nothing wrong, she was forced to marry a man who was a vampire demon who happened to have bitten her. She couldn't control her vampire side.

Danielle: *pulls out a sword*
*Thomas and Danielle start to battle each other*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Adriana: not over the phone.

Sebastian: no, I hate hearing these types of excuses! They've been together for 2 years, and you're telling me she did this NOW?!
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: I know that.

Jenny: Erica just snapped! When she kept fighting her transformation it only gotten stronger and stronger! so this time she couldn't control herself. *she looks down and sees Olivia's wound healed quickly and she slowly wakes up* whoa! amazing! she's still the same! i think.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Adriana: then why'd you ask?

Olivia: *weak voice* w-wha...?