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DandC4evacute posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 10:16PM
this is an rp.

2. if you start something, make sure that you can add everyone in it too!


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over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Danielle: I am too.

Dylan: well, what?

Ethan: *pulls her on top of him*

Jenny: OMG. Sami, are you okay? want to leave? I promise i will take you to A more fancier restaurant.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *to Jenny* if you've been listening, Jenny, you'd know that she's getting them for Danielle here. *to Danielle* wait, so, are you into girls or guys? You just confused me there.

Addison: I kissed you, and then you fell asleep, like you're 35 or something.

Lila: *kisses him*
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami; *hands them to Danielle* Here, babe.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Danielle: well, people will still say I'm a guy and the I like guys so...*to sami* thank you dear.

Dylan: there's a lot on my mind now.

~30 minutes later~

Jenny: Hey I'm just looking out for sami.
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over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *to Danielle* well, I am single.

Addison: I understand.

Lila: *panting*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Danielle: would you want to get....well, uh, do you want to do something with me this weekend?

Ethan: *panting*
~the next day~

Rachel: *crying*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: sure, I have no plans...

Addison: *wakes up*
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *stands*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
*As addison walks into the room Rachel was in, Marlene holds Rachel and feeds her a freshly made bottle for her.*

Ethan: *wakes up*

Danielle: okay. *smiles a bit, but then looks down*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *walks up to Rachel*

Lila: *still sleeping*

Sebastian: what's wrong?
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *goes to dance floor*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: it's about time you got here, she's fine now.

Rachel: *no longer crying and is now about to go back to sleep*

Ethan: *takes a shower and puts on fresh clothes*

Danielle: I-It's just...I came out of an abusive relationship, I'm hoping he won't find me.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: it's 8:30... *picks Rachel up*

Lila: *wakes up*

Sebastian: ah, I understand now..
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *goes and dances*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: she's already asleep.

Ethan: *gets out the shower with a towel around him*

Danielle: do you have a place I could stay at...for a while.

Dustin: *Making breakfast*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *puts her back in her crib*

Lila: *stretches*

Sebastian: Liv, Erica, do you mind if one more person stays in your home?

Olivia: I don't mind..

Tiffany: *walks downstairs*
over a year ago carlie445 said…
( The guy, along with the girl, forgot the guy's name, CAIDEN! I mean CAIDEN and the girl walk out )
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *goes to bar and sits*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: *sighs*

Ethan: Morning.

Erica: I don't mind it at all. *smiles*

Danielle: thank you. *smiles*

Dustin: hello, Tiff. Could you wake up Penny?
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: what's wrong?

Lila: morning.

Sebastian: well there you go.

Tiffany: but she hates me...
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: you. You're my problem.

Ethan: *goes into his closet and search for clothes*

Erica: are you almost finished with your shift Sebastian?

Dustin: give her some time, she'll learn to love you.

???: *walks up to sami* hi, how are you? *smiles at her*
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over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: okay, do you know what? I changed so much for you! So you could accept me as part of your family? But really, Dylan loves me, and nothing you think will change that.

Lila: so, where are my clothes?

Sebastian: almost, but it's a 24-hour bar...

Tiffany: are you sure?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: Does he love you by his choice, or by force?

Ethan: I the closet next to the bathroom.

Erica: wow, that sucks.

Dustin: of course.
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: you think love is a choice?

Lila: *goes to closet*

Sebastian: eh, could be way worse. At least I have a job...

Tiffany: *takes a breath, goes up to Penny's room*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: no all the time, I know he was forced into loving you, because you forces him into parenthood in a young age. You didn't like the fact of him moving on to another. And you did the unthinkable! You got him drunk enough so he could sleep with you, so he could be forever yours.

Ethan: *puts on he clothes*

Erica: yeah, which is what I am happy for.

Penny: *sleeping*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: 15 months later, he was hanging out with this girl named Sami, not even coming once to see how the baby is, I was raising her BY MYSELF for the first 4 months!

Lila: *puts the clothes on*

Sebastian: *sighs*

Tiffany: ...Penny? *quietly*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: that's a damn lie! He was there!

Ethan: I'm going to make breakfast. *goes downstairs and into the kitchen*

Erica: is there something wrong?

Penny: *still sleeping*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: no, he wasn't. *shows pictures* and, it's not like I got pregnant on purpose. I was head cheerleader, do you think I would do that?

Lila: okay.

Sebastian: just depression. I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go.

Tiffany: *a bit louder* Penny?
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *pokes Jenny* I think I'm gonna go to my apartment. I have class in the morning.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: alright then.

Marlene: some people make sacrifices.

Ethan: *cooks*

Erica: it's good to hear you're getting better.

Penny: *slowly wakes up* hmm? *here eyes are half opened*
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: I'll see you later, okay?
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: of course. *smiles*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: yeah well, I didn't think I was willing to make that sacrifice, but then, Rachel came into my life, and I... changed.

Lila: *curls hair and puts on makeup*

Sebastian: *shrugs*

Tiffany: your father told me to wake you up.
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *gets her bag and walks out*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Marlene: *sighs* I guess I'll have no choice but to accepts you.

Ethan: *finishes breakfast*

Erica: I'll go get Daniella's things and take her to our house.

Penny: *walks off into the bathroom in the middle of Tiffany's sentence*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *sighs*

Lila: *walks downstairs*

Sebastian: cool.
Olivia: I'll help.

Tiffany: at least she didn't yell at me...
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *walks to apartment* Ugh.
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: I hate this place.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: *walks home*

Marlene:*walks out*

Ethan: breakfast is ready!

Erica:come on.
Daniella: okay
~they leave and helped daniella pack and move in~

Penny: Where's my toothpaste?
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *walks in*
Scarlett; Mommy! *hugs her*
Sami: Hey...
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Addison: there was so much I could've done...

Lila: *walks to table*

Olivia: this can be your room!

Tiffany: on the counter!
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *sigh*
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: *calls sami* hello? Sami?

Ethan: well, I hope you love my cooking. *places plates on everyone's table*

Daniella: thank you. *smiles a bit*

Penny: why did you move it?!
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Lila: *sits down*
Addison: *walks to kitchen*

Olivia: also, please do not take it personally if Sebastian doesn't warm up to you so quickly... he's not very social...

Tiffany: I didn't! It's always been there!
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: *picks up* Yoooo.
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: I just want to check up on you, and see how you're doing.

Daniella: that's fine.

Penny: whatever. *she brushes her teeth*
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *walks in*

Tiffany: *sighs*

Addison: *starts thinking*
over a year ago Tdinoahiscute4 said…
Sami: I'm okay. Scar's all lonely, I'm pregnant, the usual
over a year ago Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa..........Whoa. you're what?

Daniella; Hey Sebastian.

Justin: Tiff, you okay?

Dylan: Hey addison.
 Jenny: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa..........Whoa. you're what? Daniella; oi Sebastian. Justin: Tiff, you
over a year ago DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: I hate people..

Tiffany: I dunno... She seems to be acting different...

Addison: Dylan, tell me the truth. Do you actually love me?