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posted by KARIxTRENT
duncan rapping eminems songs:
Im slim shady.yes Im the real slim shady.all you other slim shadys stop imitating.Im slim shady yes I'm the real slim shady.
duncan disses courtney:(instead of mariah carey)
bagpipes from bagdad:
música to my ears! oh man how can I describe the way I fear?how can I begin?locked in mariahs wine cellar all I had for lunch pão wine,bread wine, courtney what happened to us?all I asked for was a glass of punch?(part of song)
duncan is a dequilant and raps like a deqilant wow.
eminem I think was in jail,and so was duncan they have alot in common.and this just randomly came to mind.because duncan reminds me of emeinem/slim shady.ALOT!and this is supposed to be funny.(I did this out of pure boredom)
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