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Countdown to 4500 fans!  IceWomanPro 8 6064 over a year ago
If you could ask Tom ONE question, what would it be?  princess829 9 4947 over a year ago
New Film  Mika1990 1 5259 over a year ago
New Film  Mika1990 0 5446 over a year ago
Tom Felton is the singer in a 'Nu-disco band' haha!  fitassg 1 6471 over a year ago
How do you feel about Tom Felton's portrayal of Draco Malfoy?  xox-Tasha-xox 5 4185 over a year ago
SMILE! :)  sazi-g 3 7491 over a year ago
Tom Felton is mine. That is all.  hessosexy 0 3761 over a year ago
New Spot Banner, ícone & lema Submissions [CLOSED]  othobsessed92 11 6852 over a year ago
Vote for Draco to Win the Harry Potter World Cup!  kamineko 1 3719 over a year ago
If anywhere where would u want to meet hi and why did u pick this place?  Thecharliejay 0 3291 over a year ago
emf104/erin?  efg789 1 2931 over a year ago
TOM'S 21st BDAY!  draco_is_HOT 4 3478 over a year ago
Tom Felton - “Draco Malfoy” at estrela Trek fã Days Oct 23 -24 in Dallas  koose 0 2507 over a year ago
Just read it!  jadle811 0 1713 over a year ago
Tom Felton Wins Best Villain on the mtv Movie awards...thoughts.  Vixie79 2 2182 over a year ago
What do you like about Tom Felton?  xox-Tasha-xox 10 4506 over a year ago
HMMM ....  draco_is_HOT 10 1968 over a year ago
tom the hottie  maddy13 0 1942 over a year ago
Half-Blood Prince youtube vid  cinemedia 0 1693 over a year ago
Site descrição  Ashley-Green 0 1338 over a year ago
PR: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack  cinemedia 0 2003 over a year ago
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Fandango offer.  cinemedia 0 1360 over a year ago
TOM IN HALF-BLOOD PRINCE  hedgie13 0 1728 over a year ago