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A short discourse on how our favourite “eye smiles” girl rose from “mushroom” to “angelic” Tiffany.

Born on August 1st 1989 in California, USA, the youngest of 3 siblings, who can forget the dia our favourite “mushroom” appeared on the fans’ “radar screen” as the adorable “eye smiles” girl of the Korean Pop group “Girls Generation.”

From flubbing her song lines to missing her dance steps, to being too “direct” to her Korean elders, Tiffany (Stephanie) did almost everything that guaranteed a quick and ignominious exit from the K-Pop scene!

Yet, here she is, 4...
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So touching and incrível ! I really can't believe Kungsan will choose Fany... I'm so happy :D This proves that Fany really is attractive ... Haha..
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