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 Winx in Transformation: Enchantix (Musa)
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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Bloom’s diary’s page 90 on encontro, data October 10, 2013

Dear Diary,
I’m feeling okay after having some good time today and I am hoping of a better tomorrow. I remember the dreams I have dreamt but now everything is over and I have lost my little hope after what I have seen today. I think it was not in my hands or in Sky’s. So I have stopped wishing those wishes which can’t be true and I have decided not to do what I don’t like. I had changed myself in past few years and tried to do what he liked but now I have decided to be who I am and to do...
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hi guyes not writen a story in a while so i thought i would wright a neew one now based on Dia das bruxas as that is comeing round the corner as is my birthday which is the 26 of october gee im so excited anyway let get to the story i hope you enjoy plz comment on what you think
it was a warm morning at alfeya as a nature fairy was sleeping in her walm cosey cama it was the 30 of october the dia before Dia das bruxas and her the winx and specialist were going out trick or treating so today they were all hiting magics to bye there halloween...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To all my beloved fãs and supporters, 'cuz some of them are dying to know the end ;-D I think it won't be the ending you're suspecting, 'cuz it's just weird, but i hope you'll enjoy it!!

Riven: Where was that all about?
Flora (sobbing): I... Don't... Know...
With Helia:
???: Bring our prisoner here!
Soldier: Yes, your Majesty. (that stupid hint again :-P)
The soldier brought Helia along.
???: I don't need you anymore. (to the soldier) Remove him!
Helia: Wait... What?!
???: I'll tell you... (yeah, he's going to tell Helia, but I'm not going...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To anyone who wants to read it, especially StellaOrFlora and 101musastella , 'cuz they supported me so well and to zikkyforever 'cuz I don't want dead yet ;-P

Helia went to Saladin's office.
Helia: Uncle?
But it wasn't Saladin who responsed, it was anyone else...
???: Well. hello there. Are you looking for someone? (Holds up Saladin)
Helia: What have you done to him?!
???: Me? Nothing. It was their job.
Suddenly twenty soldiers circled Helia.
???: Don't worry, he's just asleep. And you are going with us, rather you want it or not.
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To zikkiforever, 'cuz she probably would kill me if I don't continue ;-)

They went to Ms. Faragonda's office. There was a surprise waiting for them...
There was a man sitting with Ms. Faragonda.
Faragonda: Ah, girls and boys, look who is here!
Flora: Dad?!
King Thomnium (sorry for the weird name, I had no inspiration): Flora!
Flora (hugs her dad): Is it true that Socia has declare war to Linphea?
King Thomnium (looking sad): I'm afraid it is my dear.
Flora started crying and ran back to Helia.
King Thomnium: That's why I'm here. I want...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To StellaOrFlora, 'cuz she believed in me! Plz read Break (prologue) first, otherwise you won't understood.

After the shocking news, the Winx and the Specialists didn't really mind the film, so they leaved.
Flora: It isn't true, right? It can't be true!
Helia (sighs): I'm afraid it is.
Flora started crying and hugged Helia like she won't release him.
Layla: There has to be a reason for all this! Why did this happened??
Nabu: I don't know, Layla. But I'm afraid it won't be the same for them.

They went to Alfea.
Stella: Let's go to Ms. Faragonda. She'll know what to do!!
Others (except Flora): Yeah, let's do it.
They went to Ms. Faragonda's office. There was a surprise waiting for them...

I'll continue very soon, but first I need to lunch 'cuz I'm hungry ;-P
posted by florasedge31
previously on spelled...
Flora's POV
I followed Lily to where ever it was she was going. It appeared she was going to the buffet table. I was about to ask her when someone grabbed my arm tightly. I knew that por the pressure of the grip it wasn't Helia.
"Lily!" I yelled. She turned and saw me.
"Flora!" She yelled then started running after me. That's when I felt something hard hit the back of my head. Then the hand released me. I fell progressivo, para a frente I looked up and saw Lily's shoes moving toward me. They got blurred than they- and everything else in sight turned to black.
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posted by florasedge31
 The jewel on Lily's staff
The jewel on Lily's staff
Previously on spelled...
"Flora?" She asked.
Flora waved at Aisha and then pointed at Lily. Aisha looked in that direction and was shocked to see Lily.
"Aisha, I know you probably like what on earth is going on but you have to get us down from here quickly." Lily said.
Aisha nodded. She used her magic to make a beam to cut the vines holding Flora and Lily. They dropped down both landing on their feet.
"Thank you Aisha!" They both said while hugging her.
"Okay, okay we gotta go tell the other's now." Aisha said while they departed from their hug.
They all ran out the room and started running...
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posted by malmcd
You want to be there. You know you do. Don't lie, dahling. It's okay. I know what you're thinking when you look up at that splendorous place atop the mountain. I
know what fills you, spurs you on, fuels your dreams. You're obsessed with being chosen. Everyone is.
    The Land you thirst for has loomed at the topo, início of the mountain in Metopia for as long as you can remember. But for most of the year, it's covered in fog, it's color changing with each passing dia as if it's a gargantuan mood ring. You begin your mornings staring at the fog, longing for the fateful evening when...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So many people choose Haunted por the Past, Mental Hospital and Change as the ones they like to see mais of so I am going to do write a chapter for each and the one out of those three people want to see mais of will be the one I do first.

Bloom’s p.o.v
It’s been a ano since I left to spend some time with my birth parents. I did my school work online when Ms. F sent to me, but I couldn’t be happier to come back to Alfea and see all my friends again. It’s our senior ano here. It feels just like yesterday we were freshmen, time really flies by. I walk towards my room, but I bump into someone...
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Do we ever see her again?

Chapter 2: Should I tell him ?

* Flora P.O.V *

I walked to my room. I grabbed my a rosa, -de-rosa suitcase from under my cama , which I had left there. I lifted the bag on the bed, and opened the locks. Locks were opened loudly. I stopped , and looked at Bloom . She had not been awakened por a click of locks , thankfully. I sighed in relief and started to pack my things. I packed my clothes , my books , and my boxes neatly into the bag. I was about to close the case, until I remembered one important thing . My fotografia album ! I walked over to my bedside table. I opened the drawer and...
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fã video
Do we see her ever again?

Chapter 3 : Escaping

Flora sat on the balcony in a chair , watching the sunset. The time was approaching for nine , and the darkness began to cover the land. Girls were in the apartment gossipping , but Flora didn´t be in that mood right now . She was concerned about how her friends would react to her " disappearance " . Slowly the sun fell behind the trees , birdsong fell silent , and the air began to get dark . Flora closed her eyes , and began to listen to the conversation , which was coming from of their apartment .
" ... Carolina stumbled, so she poured fashion...
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