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This o clube das winx fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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His hand found its way to her face, the blow stinging, sure to show in black and blue the seguinte day.
“Useless. Helpless. Troublesome child.” The man snarled as he looked down at his daughter trembling in the corner. Her head buried in her hands—in an ineffective attempt to child herself from the man’s hard fists. Of course when he couldn’t strike her face he settled for a rápido, swift kick to her ribs cage. A kick just hard enough to lay her face down on the floor. She wouldn’t cry this time.
Another kick, this time to the head. “Weak, pathetic, waste of space.” He bellowed words slurred...
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posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it'll make some sense.
Bloom is in Aisha's body
Aisha is in Flora's body
Tecna is in in Musa's body
Flora is in Tecna's body
Musa is in Bloom's body
Keep this in mind. Good luck!
"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" The winx yelled at Stella.
"I honestly don't know, what did I do?" Stella asked confused.
"We switched bodies and none of us said any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha's body)
"Oh that's what it did?"
"YEAH!" The winx yelled.
"Wheres the book you had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna's body)
Stella walked over and picked up the book.
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posted by tecna535
 Tecna's enchantix, my fav transformation for her
Tecna's enchantix, my fav transformation for her
I amor tecna because
1. She is the smartest of the winx, which comes in handy on the winx journey.
With out Tecna, the winx would not of saved Andrios because Tecna made the portal to Andrios and went in to the omega dimension portal and save all of the magic dimension.
2. Her power of technology are ace, I know there is mais fadas on Zenith but Tecna might be a princess of zenith but i don't know
3. Her transformation clothes are nice
Most people would say " I hate Tecna's magic winx" but I totally disagree. It may have a weird capacete but that does not make it stupid
Her enchantix is my favourite because... It is hard to explane
I like it mostly because she has long hair in it, not LONG hair but, medium.
4. Her hair
Tecna's hair is different from the rest of the winx's. Her hair is short unlike everybody else's. She had a different hair colour until SOME FAIRY had to come and ruin it, do you know who I am talking about, yes ROXY.

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 Magic winx!
Magic winx!
 My least fav character
My least fav character