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posted by Princess-Flora
Sorry that it is so short but I really wanted to try to make at least one cliff hanger
Flora’s p.o.v
I walked inside and decided I think I’ll get the smell of saltwater and peixe off of me before I check out the messages on flutter. As I walked up the stairs, I looked at the pictures of my mom and my dad; it really feels good to finally know who my parents are. When I reached the topo, início of the stairs, something felt out of the ordinary so I quickly ran to my room and there was glass shatter from the mirrors behind the ballet barre shatter all over the floor and there was some red substance on the mural that read you have been warned in a handwriting that belonged to a person who I was deathly afraid of. As I read the four words, I could feel my chest tightening and the room was spinning as something warm ran down my cheek. I slid down the mural with my hands on my face to catch the tears but I heard footstep coming up the stairs but all the sounds started to blur. Before everything faded there was a sharp pain in my back followed por the sensation of something warm and oozing and that was all I remembered.
posted by tslol99
Riven doesnt know what to say after Musa said she is leaving and the other guys r just standing there just well shocked

Musa: Riven earth to Riven
Sky: I think he's in shock or something
Brandon: Yeah I think so to
Musa: Um guys can we have a minute
Everyone but Musa and of course Riven: Sure
Musa: Riven Im sor-
Riven: How long
Musa: How long what
Riven: How long until u leave
Musa: I leave in 2 weeks
Riven: I got to go
(Riven walks away)
Musa: Riven Wait!!!!
(the others come back)
Bloom: What happened Musa
(Musa runs off crying)
Layla: Musa!!
Stella: Well this turned out to b a perfect day
Hiala: We'll go find...
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At the library

-Musa was crying for all the hard time she had in the day, when all of a sudden she heard someone wail. She realize it was coming from the biblioteca too-

Musa: Flora.... what are you doing here and what happend to you?
Flora: I just don't wanna talk about it
Musa: Flora is better if you could tell me
Flora: I'm confused
Musa: But why?
Flora: I don't know what to do
Musa: Tell me, did something happend with you and Helia? Or that guy?
Flora: Both
-Musa look her stunned-
Flora: Tom confesed to me that he likes me and I see him as a good person so I believe him. Then when we went back, I talk...
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posted by FloraBoricua
anterior Chapter: Flora got to her house after being accompanied por Karel. Rose gave her bad news about what was going on on Linphea that she didn't knew. Her mission? Investigate and discover what the werewolf really wants. The seguinte morning she was going to the town or may I now say village (sorry, that was the word I was looking for, not town) but someone appeared behind her. Who could it be?

When Flora turned to look, it was her friend from Andros, Layla, and her bonded pixie Chatta. Flora looked at them with a surprising look, she didn't know why they were there. She hugged tightly the...
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