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the vampire diaries série de televisão What did you thought about 4x15 “Stand por Me”?

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 tanyya posted over a year ago
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EllieLupin91 picked I liked it:
Wow, that was depressing. Nina's acting was brilliant when she lost it in the end. I really felt for her. Matt was also great in this episode, he showed he is a truly good friend and the scene when he broke down in the car was really heartbreaking. And yay for a fantastic Defan scene in the end, I have been waiting for this! :')
posted over a year ago.
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PPPopopipop picked I loved it:
Very sad, but also amazing.
Nina did amazing job, especially at the end. Brainwashed Bonnie creeps me out, but it's really interesting, and Shane/Silas twist really surprised me. I'm curious how long will it take for our guys to figure it out. Defan scene at the end was pure perfection! The way the showed the burning house was so touching... It's really kind of new chapter for TVD...
posted over a year ago.
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RoswellGirl13 picked I loved it:
It was amazing. I was crying through all the scenes with Elena. Nina was amazing in the episode she really got into the character. The whole thing was great.
posted over a year ago.
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NCISLuverjk93 picked I loved it:
One of the few episodes this season that I can say I loved and quite enjoyed. It was incredible, even though it was so fucking heart-breaking. I bawled nearly the entire episode, mainly due to Matt and Elena.

Nina's acting this episode was.. -phenomenal-. Especially at the end.

Also, I really loved the small Defan moment. It was nice seeing them act as brothers again.
posted over a year ago.
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