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posted by cubsfanjoe13
I thought about using actual minor gods, but I could not find any, so I made some up.
Prane was good at disguises. Walking down Fifth Avenue, he was wearing mortal clothes and walking like a mortal. Quickly. To the Empire State Building. Olympus. He zoned out, looking at peoples auras that tell what they are. He saw two people with a little bit of one of the gods blood in them. Maybe their ancestors were demigods. Then he saw the demigod, who was maybe in his early twenties. He realized that they were brothers at that moment. They were both children of Ares, although Prane was a full god....
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posted by darange
annabeths pov.
it was bright and sunny on the Argo 2 that morning, ohh how she longed to see Percy what was it 8 months sense stupid Hera took him away. what if he doesn't remember me whoa what am thinking of course that seaweed brain would remember me i mean- piper!she said surprised as she came out on the deck Leo is making an iris message for the roman camp she said. whats my line? Leo yelled piper yelled back repair boy! vary funny piper! he yelled we laughed for a long time at that. the seguinte hora was a blur she looked out at the sea wait wheres Jason? she thought to her self she looked...
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