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20.Bart Vs.Thanksgving
This episode is the first to really test the relationship between Bart and Lisa; The centerpiece dispute gets way blown out of proportion, Bart, convinced he's in the right, not letting up and apologisng to his sister, who, in turn, maybe does overreact slightly.The roof scene is one of my faviroute Simpson scenes though;It shows Bart cares very much for his little sister, and, when Lisa kisses Bart and they hug, that part melts my coração x3

19.Lost our Lisa
This was the first episode i saw that i was old enough to remember well.It also has the infamous Cherrypicker scene,...
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It all started out as an ordinary day, man. Mrs. Krabaple, my stupid teacher wanted us to do a
project on the most intense, exciting dia of our vacation. Truth is, I actually DID my project, instead
of getting my dog, Santa's Little Helper to eat a piece of paper with the alphabet and some made
up curse words Milhouse made up that I thought were dumb. Anyway, all these kids had these boring
stories, while I was remembering mine:
It started two weeks ago, when Homer came home, not miserable or went to Moe's before coming
home. He seemed so giddy and excited.

Homer: Marge! Kids! Come to the living room!!...
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