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 SCP-026 Afterschool Retention
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arte dos fãs
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This The SCP Foundation arte dos fãs contains penitenciária and caneta. There might also be instituição penal, facilidade penal, penal facilidade, cadeia, prisão, tilintar, slammer, poky, pokey, jail, jailhouse, gaol, clink, rua, cena da cidade, ajuste urbano, cenário urbano, cena de rua, cidade, and urbana definindo.

posted by emmaisobsessed
Item #: SCP-005

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-005 poses no immediate risk in any direct sense. Even so, its unique functions require special measures be taken to restrict access and manipulation of the object. Approval of at least one (1) Level 4 personnel is required for the removal of object from its containment area.

Description: In appearance, SCP-005 resembles an ornate key, displaying the characteristics of a typical mass produced key used in the 1920s. The key was discovered when a civilian used it to infiltrate a high security facility. SCP-005 seems to have the...
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