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Berserk is the stubborn leader who will never give up easily.Even being Blossom mirror, Berserk is dumb, and everything Blossom's not.Berserk starts fights not stops them like her mirror, Berserk mostly picks on her sisters since she is the oldest, but mostly get's on Brute's nerves.

Brat is the bratty one of the PPNKG basicly her name says it all.Brat sometimes goes on sides sometimes with Brute or Berserk, But Brat really is helping her sisters not backing them up.Brat has a good/bad sister realationship with Brute. Brat is the most favorito PPNKG with the fans.

Brute is the least favorito punk out of her sisters.But Brute is my favorite. Brute and Brat both amor each other inside like sisters mainly, When Berserk does her annoying to sisters mover to Brat, Brute has something to fight about.Berserk and Brute are the ones who fight alot,but they mainly hate each other.
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