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How does this sound for a Power Ranger series?

Title: Power Rangers Spirit Force

After massive monster attacks on the city scientist tried to perfect animal D.N.A por fusing it with highly external chemicals and all test proved to be positive, but when they found Dragon D.N.A and tried to mix it with the chemicals there was a big explosion causing the lab to collapse, but right after the explosion the test read positive.
About 3 years later a women por the name Tina Nickolas explored a mountain just outside of her início town Braves Wood, California. She found the old building and the canisters of five animais and also a lot of skeletons under rocks. She took the canisters back to her house to examine them and when what she saw what they where she decided to put them into watches and she built a mountain base right where the only building was and brought everything from her início to there to live out her days waiting for one dia someone to come find the watches.
Later that ano five teens from different worlds got on a certain bus to go início when really what happened was it was this bus that took them and only them to the cave where they met their new mentor but before they did each kid took one watch without knowing what they did or what they were. The cave door closed right after they put on the watches and that's when a needle in the watches insert into the host and latch on and when Tina comes out of the floor on a platform and explains everything. They all agree but only to leave buts that's when an alarms rings and she sends them into action.
After getting teleported to to battle they look to see the first power ranger enemy in the ranger universe. They all are confused but when the monster sees the watches it eminently rushes for them and attacks.
They try to fight but they have no luck until Brandon finally figures out that its a special code to morph so he communicates with Tina and tries to find the code. She tells him it is "spirit force unleash" but she had no movem
 Bludwig11 posted over a year ago
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dinochargeblue said:
besides the watches and the scientist thing, it sounds a lot like jungle fury. but other than that I would totally watch it
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posted over a year ago 
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