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Did you know that there is a sequal to the Phantom Of The Opera? It's called amor Never Dies. You can watch it on YouTube. It's under the name of amor Neve Dies Parte 1-5. It's really good. I recommend that you watch it.

 kim_solo posted over a year ago
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TBUGoth said:
I did. here are my thoughts:

I saw The Phantom of the Opera when I was 12, and I heard the Original Londres Cast Recording of amor Never Dies when I was 16. por then my life had gone through some MAJOUR changes. For one thing my Dad died 2.75 months after I saw The Phantom of the Opera on stage (believe it or not) and my life was continuing to get worse. When I was 13 I had read "The Phantom of Manhattan" so it was not a surprise to me when Christine died. :( But what Meg said before she shot her sounded JUST like I was feeling por the time I was 16. (added to that my relationship with my sister had gone tough the same stages as Meg and Christine's in amor Never Dies the Australian production in the past eight years at the time) but I HADN'T killed anybody. Why? When I saw the DVD The blocking for "Please Miss Giry I Want to go Back" made it look like Meg MEANT to shoot Christine. Later I found out Meg was Bipolar, and I'm not! Also during a class called "Working with Young Children" I learned that If a child is born less then a ano into a marriage it most likely falls apart, which is WHY Christine chooses the Phantom. Also gambling was popular among rich people during the time that the Phantom of the Opera was set. Raoul in the original novel is immature and immature people are impulsive, and do things like drink too much, and gamble. What I like about amor Never Dies is it's biases in reality. But, Mr. Webber WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??!
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posted over a year ago 
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