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 Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
Illustration from Kay novel. He certainly looks depressed.
This artigo shall pertain to the 'holy trinity' of Phantom. The Leroux, Kay, and Andrew Lloyd Webber versions. The basic idea is to look at each individual portrayal of the Phantom and ascertain approximately the extent of his mental deterioration and psychosis. I will also discuss the probable causes and catalysts for these behaviours.
This is por no means a full psychoanalysis, and in the long run is only meant to calm me down with some logical thinking after a very bad week. I.E. you don't have to like it or agree with it.
I shall begin with Leroux since that is the original perception of...
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What Annoys Me About The Phantom of Manhattan por Frederick Forsyth

All of the Leroux-bashing:

In the Preface, Forsyth repeatedly points out errors in Leroux’s novel, most of which are trivial and pointless (OMG! He said the chandelier was heavier than it really was! Shun Leroux!). And he keeps pointing out how Andrew Lloyd Webber “fixed” the errors, which brings me to…

Treating Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version like its perfect and the only “right” one:

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage show isn’t perfect. That being said, some parts of it were better in his version than in Leroux’s,...
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