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Source: photographed por Jeffrey Anderson
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Interview with The Offspring: dexter and Noodles talk punk again

The Offspring are back: after almost nine years, one of the most acclaimed American punk-rock bands of all time has come up with a new record and an upcoming worldwide tour.
Released in April 2021 and immediately debuted at number 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Album chart, at number 2 on Billboard topo, início Rock Albums and at number 3 in the UK official album chart, Let The Bad Times Roll is The Offspring’s tenth studio album and their the first full-length work in nearly a decade.

Read the full interview here: link
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posted by Victoriallen
Sometimes I think I´m gonna drown
'cause everyone around's so hollow
And I´m alone
Sometimes I think I´m going down
But no one makes a sound, they follow
And I´m alone

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

Yeah, if I make it I'd be amazed
Just to find tomorrow
Yeah, one mais dia and I´d be amazed
Just to see it waiting
Yeah and if I make it I´m still alone
No mais hope for better days
If I could change
Then I´d really be amazed

And when you know you can't relate
The one mais shiny face your coração breaks
No one cares
And when you know you can´t go on
'cause everything is wrong your coração breaks
No one's there
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Source: Arief Stark fotografia
Audio por The Offspring covering “Do What You Want,” originally por Bad Religion. Copyright: ℗ 2014 Time Bomb Recordings/ Provided to YouTube por Sony música Entertainment.
the offspring
do what you want
bad religion
cover audio
summer nationals
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