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whysoserious24 posted on Jan 16, 2009 at 05:52PM
I want to know if anybody out there wants to be Harley Quinn or not. I also want to know what everybody thinks of her.

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over a year ago harlequin_doll said…
Harley Quinn is cool and it would be interesting to be her for one day. Than again, she does seem sort of stupid sometimes. Oh well, she's adorable.
over a year ago breadstick said…
they should definitely add harley quiin into the batman movies,i loved her.

but wasnt she like the jokers gf.
they'd have to find someone else to try to play the joker.
over a year ago patient4479 said…
I LOVE HARLEY QUINN!!! I so want to be her!! I LOVE The Joker and i am JUST as obsesed with him as she is. She is so blissfully unaware of what goes on in the real world and is in a world of her own. And i love her big hammer!!!
over a year ago HarleyQuinn1 said…
I would LOVE to be Harley Quinn. I totally love the Joker, he is awsome.
over a year ago VintageSmile said…
I love Harley Quinn, but she's naive, and quite frankly, insane. Still, very cool and awesome. Yes I would love to be her!
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over a year ago Cliff040479 said…
I'm totally agree with harlequinn_doll.
And heck yeah!! i would LOVE to be her!!! she's very lucky [i mean she's the Joker's gf, Hello?] Lol! hahahaha!