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Which songs remind you of the Joker?  HattersMadGirl 1 15313 over a year ago
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What if the Joker kidnapped you?  HarleyQuinn1 13 4464 over a year ago
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Harley Quinn  whysoserious24 6 3399 over a year ago
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Who next?  jokerJack 0 3562 over a year ago
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The Dark Knight 2  ThEJoKeR101 4 2150 over a year ago
Was Joker Racist?  spitflamez 1 2117 over a year ago
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Jack Nicholson in the dark knight?  hm94991 3 3645 over a year ago
Was Heath Ledger's Joker his ''masterpiece?  MrAlex 0 2427 over a year ago
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if u were the joker,would u like it?  i_love_evil 2 3362 over a year ago
SPiTFLAMEZ "Y SO SERIOUS"  Accomplish 3 2991 over a year ago
Y SO SERIOUS  spitflamez 1 3673 over a year ago