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posted by Nemisis
Chapter One
The mês Before The Reaping

The president apears on thousands of televisão screens. He stands on a stage. He has a box in his hands. He looks at the camersas and smiles, he says:
"Welcome Panem " his smile widens " We will celebrate the first quarter quell tommorow, as the twenty fifth Hunger Games begins! " he stops smiling " Every twenty five hunger games we will have a Quarter Quell, each of these has special rules, that were written at the begining of the games, and put in this box " he holds up the box "Today I will read the Twenty Fifth Hunger Games " he opens the box and pulls...
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posted by peacebaby7
Note: Hi this is my first ff that isn't about the Penguins of Madagascar so I hope it's good. It's just something that I sort of thought up.


(Katniss's POV)

I walked through the woods on the boundaries of District 12, bow and Arqueiro in hand. Spring was exploding sprouting through the dew-covered grass. Sunlight danced off the bright green leaves on tall trees and short stumpy bushes. I crept through the trees, carefully positioning my steps, trying not to crunch dead leaves or break twigs that might scare away my prey....
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This is a song fic I decided to do, based on the song “Lying from You”, por Linkin Park. I just thought it would describe perfectly Katniss’s feelings during Mockingjay. So yeah. Here it is.
This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said would have you running from me
Like this...

“I amor you.”
“I know.”
What have I said? What have I done? I didn’t mean for it to go down like this. Who am I? Why do you amor me? I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve either of you. And now it’s too late.
I lower my eyes, not looking as you walk away.
No turning back now,
I wanna...
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Beyond the obvious plethora of teachings of dystopian futures
and the divisions of rich and poor, The Hunger Games offers
us sage conselhos about falling in amor and being in a relationship.
1) I know that when you are in a relationship you want your partner to play por the rules, but even if rules are stated, they can be changed , and they probably never existed in the first place. Forget the rules and try to be a little flexible.
2) Appearances can be deceiving. While there has to be an attraction if a relationship is ever going to work, allowing yourself to get to know someone, their strengths,...
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posted by pasdoll
Peeta Mellark perfil page

Name: Peeta Mellark. Remember, it's P-E-E-T-A. PEETA!

Age: Sixteen. But still have the coração of a three ano old :)

Home: District twelve, in a bakery.

Current location: In the woods, stalking Katniss... No! I mean… chasing after watermelons.

Interested in: Baking and painting and Katniss and Katniss cantar and Katniss changing her clothes and Katniss hunting... There's nothing better than Katniss after a nice hunt; she's dripping sweat, and her hair is all messed up, and she has that delicious frown on her face… God, she's so hot!

In a relationship: Happily married...
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posted by MitchKristelle
I've always noticed her before. But I never really fell this deep for her until I got to train with her.

Well, that was supposed to make me lucky. In the training center, our mentor insisted on being focused, working with our own abilities, and to never get attached to our partner.

Could anybody really blame me?
Her hair literally twinkles when it catches the light. When she smiles, a mighty creature in my chest jumps for joy, until it reaches my throat and the words I was supposed to utter chokes down. Whenever I look into her eyes, it's like nuvem nine. Everything just comes to life. Don't...
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OK so I've just finished Mockingjay last night.
I'm very glad the Capitol has fallen and Katniss has chosen between Gale and Peeta. However we all knew this was going to happen from the moment Katniss produced that handful of Nightlock berries in the first book. This is all predictable.
But why sentence the Mockingjay to a life without the very reason she was in the arena to defy the capitol at all? Why kill the thing Katniss loved most? Of course we all know Katniss avenged her sister's death and lived a free life with Peeta and her two children, but is she ever really happy?
I understand the...
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posted by MarlenaLovett
First off, before any of you get offended, these are my opinions so don’t bite my head off.

So, I’ve been here, leitura a lot of people saying how willing they would to jump into the Games. Really? You’d be that willing to put your life on the line — to probably be killed, to be famous or rich? If you’ve read the books, you’ll know that there are at least four other children (districts one and two) who have trained for most of their lives just for this moment. Now I’m not staying that some of you out their aren’t good with weapons, I’m just saying you probably haven’t trained...
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Sunlight makes me wince and turn away from the window. Things are okay, I guess. Sunlight makes me sad, though. It reminds me too much of lazy Sundays with him, up in trees, laughing and running through endless fields of wildflowers. Peeta. Me. Us. Together. Could it really have only been two days atrás we were dreaming of a future together?
Tonight is the Opening Ceremony where the tributes ride through the City círculo in the Capitol on chariots, shown off to the world. It makes me nervous, thinking about who he will face against seguinte week, the stars sent to slaughter disguised as entertainment....
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TheHubNow caught up with actress Amber Chaney this week to talk about her new film, THE HUNGER GAMES.

Based on “The Hunger Games” trilogy of young adult novels por Suzanne Collins, the film features Chaney as Lavinia the Avox Girl, a Capitol servant who seems familiar to heroine Katniss Everdeen.

For our exclusive Q&A, we pitched her six (and only six) perguntas for a feature we’re going to call – yep, you guessed it – SIX QUESTIONS. Why not five? Too cliche.

1) Tell us how you scored the role of Avox Girl.

I was working on this play called “Circle Mirror Transformation,” for which...
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posted by raini121
Yes, everyone knows that Gale has had an eye for Katniss ever since they met. And it seems the obvious choice would be to choose Team Gale.
On the other hand, Peeta with his dreamy artistic ability, and his bakery smell, he has both talent and the looks. Peeta not only cared for Katniss in times when she had an issue as simple as a nightmare, to when she is paralyzed in horror of the games.

Gale didn't show much affection to Katniss, except for the few times they hugged out of friendship. Gale is mais of that hard, expressionless type, that gets too jealous too easily. Its so simple to tell that yes, Gale also has the looks, and of course, he has skill. But he is not what Katniss needs. Gale has a hard heart, and wont let anybody in.

Peeta is soft, and tries to be a part of Katness mais than Gale.

Gale is definitely out of the question. Peeta forever.
>This Girl is in amor with Peeta Mallark<
> The Boy with the pão <

Despite my enjoyment of the 2012 movie, "THE HUNGER GAMES", I must admit that I had regarded its sequel, "THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE" with a wary eye. One, the movie franchise had replaced Gary Ross with a new one, Francis Lawrence. And two, a relative who had read all three of Suzanne Collins' novels expressed a less-than-impressed opinion of the segundo installment, which this movie is based upon. But enamored of the first film, I decided to give this segundo one a chance.

"CATCHING FIRE" picked up not long after the ending of the first installment....
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posted by ASoftLullaby
When I wake up, the other side of the cama is cold. My
fingers stretch out, seeking Prim’s warmth but finding only
the rough canvas cover of the mattress. She must have had
bad dreams and climbed in with our mother. Of course, she
did. This is the dia of the reaping.
I prop myself up on one elbow. There’s enough light in
the bedroom to see them. My little sister, Prim, curled up
on her side, cocooned in my mother’s body, their cheeks
pressed together. In sleep, my mother looks younger, still
worn but not so beaten-down. Prim’s face is as fresh as a
raindrop, as lovely as the primrose...
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I wrote this parody for the book MockingJay from "The Hunger Games" series , Enjoy!

And please check out my other hunger game parody's

-Sexy and I know it ( Peeta and I know it)
- Lazy song ( Lazy Games)

- Brianna B (:

Days like this I want to run with gale
Get our families, district 12 we'd bail.
You chewed me up, and spit me out.
Like all the poison in your mouth.
Your stupid rose, and bloody smell.
Haunted me right until now,
Now look at me.

This is the part of me, that you're never goona
ever take away from me, Snow!

This is the part of me, that you're...
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Katniss Evergreen perfil page

Name: The one and only – Katniss!

Age: 17.

Home: District Twelve, the Seam.

Current location: seguinte to Peeta! *heart coração coração coração heart*

Interested in: beijar Peeta, hugging Peeta, lusting after Peeta, snuggling against Peeta, eating with Peeta, being with Peeta, Peeta, Peeta, Peeta! *heart*

In a relationship: Married to my sweet Peeta! Am the happiest girl ALIVE! Peeta is MINE!


WALL mural mural mural mural mural mural mural WALL

Peeta Mellark: 27th April 13:21PM

OMG, Katniss, you finally realized...
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we all know that katniss and petta were never really in amor until the games, they were'nt even freinds until the games. But Gale and Katniss were allways freinds and always will be freinds.
But honestly, im team petta because he actually loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but gale is just realizing that, you dont know how good you've got something until it's gone, and in this case its katniss thats gone . if it wasn't for the games im pretty sure they would'nt have ended up together she would have been alone and gale and her would just be freinds ... forever.gales a...
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posted by MultiPie
O. M. G. Is it just me, or are Divergent and Hunger games, EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!! Both have problems involving some form of government, and both have wicked government persons. (btw beware this artigo will have some foul words.) Both Divergent and HG have badass characters and hot lead guy characters, (four and peeta and gale). Both states, or worlds, are divided in some form of colonies.WTF. Have you also noticed both have iconic symbols, the mockingjay pin, and Tris's bats?!?!?! Started to get what im saying??? Both have some kind of war wtch kills like tons of people. Each colony (wtch...
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If I was your tribute I'd never let you down,
Winning all the games, representing number 12.
Am I goona win? That i'll never ever know.
All i'm goona say is Panem's goona have a show
(Girl, girl girl) on fire.
Volenteering for my sister, that's what I desire.
My sister's only twelve, she won't know what to do.
I'm ready for the games, bring the baker boy too. Oh

I'd like to be, 12's tribute.
Hey prim, lemme play for you.

If I was your tribute, i'd never let you down.
Keep on reapin' me here, a victor I'd be crowed.
I can be a fighter, anything you want.
If I was your tribute, I'd never let you down.
A victor...
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posted by runda99
oi guys!
Well as we have all been waiting patiently, news has finally come our way! The sequel to the Hunger Games (Catching Fire) is due to release on September 08, 2009!

This is the official plot summary of the book:
Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won por defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safety and plenty. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

posted by eclipselov
this is going to be about another district competeter. she will befriend katniss and help her with beign the mockingjay.

I know hell was breaking loose outside the door but i didnt want to open it. The uprising was happening. It seem to be just a few minutos atrás I was watching the games.I always had admired Katniss and what she did in the games. Thats when she ended the games. Took down the force feild. I was shocked. I know i had to get out of here and fast. But i couldn't leave Tami. Tami might be a baby,but i couldn't leave her.I grab her and put her in the homemade pouch.I strap the pouch on my back and open the door. I don't know were my mother is so I run towards the gates. We had planned for this day. We knew that the Capitol had to go down with the games. I slid Tami under the fence. I slid after her. Children and vaulenterr teens were to got to the forest.I put the pouch on and run. Not waisting a moment.