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The Most Powerful Scene of Them All  BJsRealm 0 246 over a year ago
There will be a sequel!!!  fawkes716 73 65585 over a year ago
The Host *Guess the quote* game (Win props!)  YALitLover 23 3315 over a year ago
Character Elimination Game  Cathryn 6 1496 over a year ago
Countdown to 10000 fãs  bussykussi 93 7071 over a year ago
Confirmed - Steph's seguinte book will be The Host sequel !  pwooden 4 16414 over a year ago
Why exactly did Jared and Melanie kick Jamie out of the room at the end?  TangoThang 9 8029 over a year ago
Surprise on Fandango  pwooden 3 1537 over a year ago
Fanmade Deleted Scene Part 2 - The Honeymoon  pwooden 2 3547 over a year ago
my story for the soul!  lamy221 4 2972 over a year ago
Will Mel or Wanda have children?  pwooden 1 1953 over a year ago
atualizações from Stephenie Meyer  pwooden 1 1386 over a year ago
List of spots related to The Host  Anichu90v2 3 3343 over a year ago
Should something about the book gone differentely? Put your thoughts here!!  Cheesetime 2 1167 over a year ago
Role of Jeb  pwooden 1 801 over a year ago
What worlds has Wanda lived on?  skittlesjunkie 4 3429 over a year ago
música for the soundtrack  mizarrow 0 1088 over a year ago
Movie Auditions  pwooden 0 1092 over a year ago
Hypothetical Casting Call  nicole62 299 81479 over a year ago
Which part made you cry the hardest?  funnyshawna 48 5431 over a year ago
Movie Release encontro, data  pwooden 0 1448 over a year ago
How do you think the book been different if Jamie was older than Melanie?  TangoThang 2 550 over a year ago
dream cast for host mocie  ashroyer48 1 845 over a year ago
My Dream Cast  Kittily 2 1214 over a year ago
Fanmade Deleted Scene  pwooden 1 936 over a year ago
"The Host" Cast?  lizzybean14 1 755 over a year ago
Bonus Chapter in German  Kittily 2 503 over a year ago
Did It Go Like This?  pwooden 0 907 over a year ago
Do You Agree With This New Rumor For Ian ??  teamian 17 3018 over a year ago
Is it difficult for you to choose between Ian and Jared? Why?  Yoss 5 1108 over a year ago
Perfect Cast!  malloryw25 0 402 over a year ago
The Host becoming a movie?  lizzybean14 4 3543 over a year ago
The Best Melanie Picture?  kuncuyug 26 7497 over a year ago
Dream Cast  brucasfan91 200 55240 over a year ago
Team Ian / Team Jared  pwooden 3 1589 over a year ago
Book 2?  grayeyedgrl 1 826 over a year ago
Quote Game  Bandgeek_XP 28 5166 over a year ago
THE DREAM IAN!  h0ney009 10 1240 over a year ago
The Host teste  pwooden 0 932 over a year ago
If the Host was Made into a Movie....  the_soul 36 10100 over a year ago
A Chance.  AmberCH92 0 593 over a year ago
Souls invading Twilight Earth  thejackle123 2 538 over a year ago
Your favourite passage in the book  seeingsun 0 361 over a year ago
música for The Host movie - Civil Twilight - Human  r3mus 0 622 over a year ago
The Host playlist!  thehostxox 1 849 over a year ago
this is a mini-excerpt that is being added to the host paperback enjoy!  angie_aplomb 0 622 over a year ago
Host perguntas  SilverSoul 12 1563 over a year ago
IAN'S AGE!  MaryALICE 15 5489 over a year ago
Who is a good Melanie?  MelanieStryder 33 11869 over a year ago
Eclipse  olmailoviu 10 1177 over a year ago
i need the sixed chapter 2 the nessie thing with getting hit with a tube plzzz  icycullen 0 675 over a year ago
What Would Your Soul Name Be?  facessunward 0 5611 over a year ago
HELP!!! create a soundtrack for the best movie/book ever  bookchicky 0 1326 over a year ago
Who should play sunny IF the host became a movie  MelanieStryder 2 2450 over a year ago
Your favorito character, and favorito part? *SPOILERS*  luvrofedward 39 7330 over a year ago
Dream Cast - The Host  ErinSanchez 0 362 over a year ago
What about Dido's The dia Before The dia for Wanda's last dia in Mel?  janelzm 0 467 over a year ago
The coalition advocating Jensen Ackles for Ian!  vickyvicious 0 745 over a year ago
IAN - JOsh Duhamel  stitch16 1 809 over a year ago
What do you think "The Soul" (sequel to The Host) will be about?  cullenjonas4eva 1 1028 over a year ago
To Stephenie Meyer My pick for The Host characters  LadyLautner 1 2908 over a year ago
Hug kiss Slap  aurora30 1 864 over a year ago
The Host Roleplaying  megamoo303 1 483 over a year ago
is it worth reading???  TypicalSquint 13 816 over a year ago
mais books in series!  treehugger4ever 16 1015 over a year ago
The host quotes.  liissaaxx 1 927 over a year ago
The Host riddle  vicsriddles 3 1331 over a year ago
when does this book change?  dragonrider 2 579 over a year ago
Wanda's emotions.  camillehatch 4 929 over a year ago
the soul?  blueflame94 1 669 over a year ago
whats the go??  pixie09 6 726 over a year ago
I'm You  funnyshawna 2 780 over a year ago
anyone else consider this?  fanpire101 7 1069 over a year ago
request  twilightfan22 1 1116 over a year ago
Did you know  twilightfan22 7 1099 over a year ago
The Host comes out today! *Spoilers*  shortynme 11 1390 over a year ago
wanda's tribunal  samdbz 4 821 over a year ago
Ending, Your Thoughts  edwrdluvr 17 2644 over a year ago
What do you think?  musicandmango 1 810 over a year ago
I was wondering...  twilovers 1 653 over a year ago
What if...?  Gabitha 5 961 over a year ago
The Host: Any Aussie Fans?!  neeki 1 804 over a year ago