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Frodo’s journey is not yet complete as he makes his way to Mount Doom. Some scared and confused Orc’s are letting Frodo pass in confusion hoping for forgiveness and freedom. The battle at the black gates continues and the dark forces are conquering the forces of good. Orc scouts are informing the dark lord Sauron of his creature’s treachery. He gets his most powerful forces to deal with him; The Nazgul. The Nazgul are treacherous foul creatures who were once kings of men. Sauron has lost his finest warrior; the Witch king of Angmar in the battle of Minas Tirith on Pellenor fields. The...
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Far over the Misty Mountains rise
Leave us standing upon the heights
What was before, we see once more
Our kingdom a distant light

Fiery mountain beneath the moon
The words unspoken, we’ll be there soon
For início a song that echoes on
And all who find us will know the tune

Some folk we never forget
Some kind we never forgive
Haven’t seen the back of us yet
We’ll fight as long as we live
All eyes on the hidden door
To the Lonely Mountain borne
We’ll ride in the gathering storm
Until we get our long-forgotten gold

We lay under the Misty Mountains cold
In slumbers deep and dreams of gold
We must awake, our...
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Throughout the movie I had many thoughts and opinions, was too busy watching to write them down but some characters left lasting impressions and this artigo is sure to rank them out:

1. Thorin Oakenshield - His character goes through so much throughout this 144 minuto movie, he is shown to embody the greed the dwarves are known for later to show the bravery they are also known for. por the end he has proven himself a worthy king who leads his army of fourteen{add or take} to make a difference. ooh and his fight scene with the bad guy was legendary!

~ Bilbo Baggins - He s a diplomat por all means,...
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