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oi guys haven't written a artigo in months so gotta get the creative juices flowing.

And what if Hera had a child,she always gets mad at Zues but what if like a dude like so handsome she fell off her wagon and he or she was like one of the 7.
And Artemis swore an oath to maidency what if she had a child and it was a BOY. And then like this is the 7.

Jason = Leader
Piper = stratigist
Leo = commander of fogo (flame on)
Hera child
minor god child
Artemis child a boy
and a son of neptune/greek ?

And i have this thought that Rick likes put twistes on books so what if he made percy and 2 romies go to camp(roman) and like he acts as son of neptune (hence the title)then and then like after the quest like Rick said the respostas of the 2nd prophecy may lie at another camp so wat if dude comes and hes a son of poseidon and shows up when percy remembers stuff.
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Aphrodite's Blessing is usually classified as the claiming of a child of Aphrodite.

The Blessing:

Piper McLean, the only child of Aphrodite that is seen being blessed por Aphrodite in the series.
On Aphrodite's children, the demigod is enveloped in a thick, pale red haze, and when it clears, the demigod's hair, face, clothes, etc. becomes perfect. No matter how the demigod tries to mess up his/her appearance, it automatically becomes perfect again. The blessing lasts anywhere from a dia to a few weeks. When girls get the blessing, she will go under a rosa, -de-rosa haze and will then look the way that Aphrodite...
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The heroes of Olympus the house of hades


As long as we're together…

They were still together, but for how long, Percy didn't know.

Percy's free hand grappled at the air, while his other hand clung to Annabeth's sweaty, pale hand, as the world around him got darker and darker, and the light above them, marking his friend's silhouettes got smaller until it was only a tiny pin point, and then it was gone.

A feeling of freefall was not a new to him. But the feeling of freefalling into Tartarus, the endless cesspool of evil, was entirely new. Percy wasn't one of those daredevils that went sky...
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