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I have a book about Greek Mythology. It talks about heroes and monster and of course the gods. But I notice one story was similar to Frank Zhang.

I'm going to summarize it for you.

A women name Althaea, daughter of King Thestius and Eurythemis.Althaea had five sons, but one named Meleager was cursed when he was a baby. The Fates visited Althaea and told her that the wood in the hearth is her son Meleager's life span. After the Fates leaved, Althaea took the wooded from the hearth and placed it in a wooden chest.

After many years have past, Meleager killed his two brothers in an argument. So Althaea took the wood of her son life span and placed it in the fire. Then, Meleager died.

But, it has also said Meleager was mention as one of the Argonauts like Frank.


In RR story, it was Hera that warned them.
Second, Frank mother is not going to kill him.
Frank might die in the Giant War.
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We amor our demigods. Love, love, love, fluffy love.
You probably have at least one you want to see again. Don't lie to me, I know you do! I do to. Here are my most likely choices.

1 Annabeth and Percy
Of course we'll be seeing mais of Percabeth (or Annacy). Newsflash, we've already seen Annabeth (if you haven't do yourself a favor and go re-read the sample chapters) and since Percy is most likely going to be found, we'll see him too, at least a bit.

2 thalia and Nico
I honnestly, really like the idea of "all hands on deck" for the children of the Big 3. Who better to find Percy, right?
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Note: this artigo is missing important parts most likely,somecould do a better job at it.

Someone who wakes up and ha sno idea who they are or what their age is, is creepy. If that particular someone is a demigod, it practicly screams out "MAGIC! SOMETHING GODLY! NOT RIGHT!"

I have my own little ideas on what's up with Jason... (some of them I have heard on this particular spot actually)

1. Jason took a dip in the Lethe. As you might recall from the sword of Hades, taking a dip in the Lethe is not that great of an idea. You forget who you are ect. Jason might've been summoned/dragged/lost...
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This is how many people crush who!
And who wins? Drum roll please. *Drum roll*
And the winner is Leo!
The list for Boys
Percy:4(Percy fãs watch out for Annabeth)
Stoll Brothers:1
And who will win in the girls side! Let's see, Drum roll please.
*Drum roll*
And the winner is a tie! Annabeth and Piper!
The list for girls
And this is the end of the show How Many People Like Who, good night, and demigod!
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