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posted by wierdo2
As many of you are new , you probably didn’t know Amph. Well Amph made rules for this club to keep this club from falling apart. When Amph left for Olympus , apparently so did the rules. And now the club is starting to fall apart. I know for a fact I don’t want this club falling apart, but to be blunt full that’s where its heading. I for 1 think its high time these rules were reinstated and mostly FOLLOWED. So now without here are the rules that Amph made.
So who better totell the rules then Amph herself.
So here in In Amph’s own exact words:

“Well, for those of you who don't know,...
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posted by goddessoflife

I didn't know where we were, but I kept on moving. We (luckily) didn't encounter any monsters.
But, I did see my house.
I stopped short.
Janie slammed into me, "What?"
I pointed, "That's my house." I wanted to go in, maybe even stay there for a few days. We were all getting hungry and there wasn't enough money left to buy any food. Plus, my house has four rooms, huge stash of secret money, and food.
But, one problem, there were police tape lines.
"Can you explain that?" Janie asked.
I nodded, "Easily. My whole family is missing. Of course they'll check out our house."
We looked around....
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posted by HecateA
If you've read the first two chapters, you know the cliff ending that says Percy is missing.
Percy is a powerful demigod. He's a son of the big 3, a great sword fighter and he bears the curse of Achilles. He's defeated a lot of monsters, and made a lot of ennemies. Who kidnapped him?
Some would say the Anemoi thuellai kidnapped him. Maybe they're on a demigod kidnapping frenzy, which would be why they're after Leo and Piper. But thing is, they want to kill them, not capture, and they never mention a collection, or joining other heroes or anything like that.
Maybe it was a god. Ares is well...
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posted by altheno
i don't own PJO.

The earth (Gaea) and the Sky (Uranus) meet and there was the creation of the first divine species in the world. They are called Titans. They rule the world with their own will until they propagate. They possess sobrenatural power. These abilities were inherited por their own prodigy. The titans turn to evil and greedy when it comes to power. They turned to kill everyone who might just take their place, even their own offspring. The great Uranus was killed por one of his great son, the Titan named Kronos.
Until Kronos rule, he bitterly eats his own sons and daughter to...
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posted by Spottedtail139
I woke up and yawned " Percy!" I yelled in his ear.

" What what's happening?!" he woke up with a start.

" Come on sleepy head" I said in a baby voice.

" Haha now why'd you wake me up" he said sarcasticly.

" You really think I dont know that you need breakfast Percy

Jackson" I said then dragged him to breakfast. I had milk, whole

wheat pancakes, and Aunt Jemima's syrup. " Percy" Annabeth

was behind us. " Hi Annabeth" I smiled.

" Hi mind of I borrow Percy" she smiled.

" Sure I was just going to practice archery" I left to the Archery

range and I went on a miny mission I was to find a way to

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Okay, so before I even start this, I'm going to say 3 things:

1) THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a warning! :)

2) This is totally biased because Percy always annoyed me in the first series (I know, I'm a freak for saying that and I have no logical explanation for it...I always loved Annabeth and Grover mais than him...it's weird but true).

2) These are just my opinions and please don't get mad at me for them! :) Thanks. But also, please share your opinions in the comments (but please be nice).

Sooooo, here are my thoughts on why Jason is actually really awesome, even though so...
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Okay, so I made one of these artigos about Jason and some people requested that I do one for Piper, so I thought I would try. :) Also, I’m sorry if there are a billion other artigos about why someone likes/hates Piper, I didn’t really look to see. XD Hopefully this isn’t too redundant and boring for those of you who have been on fanpop longer than I have…

Before I start I just want to say:

1) THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST A WARNING!!!!

2) These are my opinions and I just want to share them. Feel free to share your own opinions in the comments! :)

I’m going...
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