The heroes of Olympus fanfic Mark of Athena My Way

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Credit goes to Rick Riordan for characters,locations,etc.....

Chapter 1: We meet Terminator
He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me…”Annabeth” a certain daughter of Aphrodite called. Piper Mclean the one and only daughter of the famous Tristan Mclean. “ You okay?” She looked at me with sympathy.
“Just fine.”I replied.
“Percy will HAVE to remember you. And if he doesn’t we can always result to Plan B.” She gave me a sly smile. I have got to admire her fight. Unlike other daughther’s of Aphrodite she didn’t always gossip,and wear makeup,and go all gaga over clothes. No she was NOTHING like that. She cut her hair choppy and uneven and wore rugged clothes,but even then she was naturally beautiful.
I smiled. “So what’s Plan B?”
“Well you could punch his memories in, I could charmspeak, Jason and Thalia could electrocute,and Leo can flame on,oh yeah Grover can play Hilarry Duff on his reed pipes.” I shuddered at the prospect of Grover. It sounded HORRIBLE.
Just then Leo came on the intercom,” Today we have bright skies courtesy of Zeus/Jupiter. “(the sky rumbled)
“You had to say that punk.”Clarrise grunted. Leo whimpered. And the rest of the Argo II laughed. Every cabin leader had come to see Percy plus Thalia,Grover,and Rachel. Leo came back on the intercom.
“Anyways the sun is shining so it’s time to get SHAKIN’. 10 minutes until touchdown. Until then Peace Out!”
Then a voiceover came on,”Right now you are flying FestusAirBoatLines. Please have a pleasant day. Try not to get skewered by Romans. Clarrise it would be nice if acted like a girl today. Sparky you better get ready to play bulls-eye. Also everybody knows how awesome and cool I am right. Right. Feeling the love.”Then he signed off. Everybody either snorted,grumbled,or shook their heads. Typical Leo.
He came strolling out sipping on a Frappe from Starbucks. “Where did you get Starbucks?” Jason suddenly appeared hovering in the air.
Leo gave a crazy grin,”Pit stop.”
“Repair boy doesn’t need anymore caffeine. Hand it over.”
“Beauty Queen….”Leo whined. As the magic gave Piper the cup.
“Ahh.” Piper sighed.
Leo walked away. As much as ADHD and Hyperactive Leo was. He had built the ship magnificent. Ballistae were line across the perimeter of the ship. Bows and arrows in cases were molded in on the side of the ship. A couple of binoculars and spud machine guns dotted across the deck. Their were spikes under the ship and celestial bronze/normal cannons in the bottom deck. The outside gleamed celestial bronze and underneath was Kevlar and then steel. Each room was decorated to fit the residents interests,hobbies,and godly cabin. Plus their was dining hall,a meeting room, a lounge, medic room, weaponry fully stocked with swords,knifes,daggers, archery, maces, piliums (something Roman according to Jason) , gym(with lava wall,mats to spar, dummies,workout stations,etc….), a pool and a stargazing deck. It was outfitted with the latest technology. GPS,lasers,motion sensors, styluses, Ipods (for Leo) and inbuilt wifi for me.
All in all we were in a Holy Mother Warship fully equipped and ready to go into battle. Hopefully the Romans got the holographic video scroll that Leo had sent. So Percy and the other Romans wouldn’t attack us.
Jason wore his purple praetor cape over his purple shirt and jeans. His blue eyes were electrifying just like Thals and his short cropped blonde hair (Military style). He was standing near the edge peering down. “You ready?”
“Yeah I guess so.”Jason replied. “I’m just nervous cause if the Greeks and Romans don’t get along…..”
“Then we will have WW3.”I finished. “Don’t worry that’s not gonna happen not if Per…..”
“You really love him don’t you?”
The valley below them was rolling green hills. Just below a tunnel cut through one of thehills.
“Caldecott tunnel.” Jason said.
“OMG theirs my house.” I pointed. I could clearly see the Sopwith Camel and then Mount Tam. I started shivering just looking at it.
“It’s now or never.” Piper joined us.
“Landing in T-minus 60 seconds. Man Jason calm the winds. Don’t wanna crash the Romans like pancake. Everybody else hold on. This is going to get bumpy.”
Below Annabeth could see purple figures 200 or so scattering around. The sentries at the entrance of the tunnel stared at us in awe and fear. They blew their horns and rushed into the tunnel. By then the 200 figures had gotten into a formation. Their weapons were gripped tight,but not raised. Annabeth saw the warning clear as day,”You step one toe out of line your getting it.”
Just then a voice hollered,”You can’t land inside the Pomerian line. Graceus follow the rules. Have some respect!” It was coming from a statue.
“That’s Terminus. In otherword OCD God of Boundaries” Jason replied over the wind.
“Terminus we have to land. Jason’s on board. Please pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!” Piper was weasling Terminus with her charmspeak.
He seemed to be rubbing his chin,but he had no arms. “Okay I don’t see why not,but Graceus be careful and don’t cha even think of destroying Rome. Got it?”
“Yes sir. Terminus sir.” We gave some salutes. Then Leo lowered the ramp slowly glancing between Terminus and the ramp. Not noticing any withdrawl. It clashed down.
Terminus shouted,” Boy you better be careful and you need lots of work on presentation. A haircut would be nice.”
“Not gonna happen Terminator.”
Terminus huffed and put his hands on his hips. Ahem invisible hands. “My name is Terminus. Fire boy.” Leo looked shocked. He stumbled and rolled down the ramp right onto the feet of Percy.

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Anyways preview of next chapter:

Chapter 2: Meet and Greet
The guy from the video scroll thingy was at my feet. I helped him up. “U okay man?”
“Great, Hey aren’t you……” He got cut off by Reyna.
“Greetings Graceus. We welcome you to CAMP JUPITER. I am Reyna Prateor of 12th Legion.” Reyna nudged me.
“The 2 camps have to work together to take down Gaea and her sons the giants. If we fight against each other then we might as well go and tell Gaea/Terra that you can take over the world. We have to set aside our past differences and move on. Who will help us vanquish Gaea?” I shouted.
Everybody said me. Even Octavian who mumbled it. “Let’s welcome the Greeks!” Reyna sidled over to me and whispered,”I hope you know what your doing Percy.” I just nodded. Then both of us fixed our eyes on the ramp.

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