The heroes of Olympus fanfic The Mark Of Athena

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All this is own by Rick Riordan.
Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Reyna, thalia, Nico, Clarisse, Leo, Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, the gods, Tyson, Ella, Octavian, Rachel.

The romans have met the greek, Rachel told a prophecy and the quest is about to start. Will the romans and greeks be able to save the world?

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over a year ago greekOmega said…
The Mark Of Athena

Disclaimer: All this stuff is own by Rick Riordan

The mark Of Athena


Percy looked at the giant boat that was landing at camp Jupiter. This could be the best day since he had woken in the wolf house, or the last. He knew that Annabeth and his other fellow Greek demigods were inside that ship. And Jason. Jason Grace, Praetor of the legion, the slayer of Krios and the lost hero of Camp Jupiter. Jason was the only one that could prevent Octavian from executing him. Sure, he could beat Octavian easily in case of emergency, but he couldn’t beat the entire legion, not even with the help of his Greek friends. It wouldn’t be right to do it anyways, he had sworn on his life, and he had to respect that. If Jason said the Greeks were a menace, he was dead. If Jason said the opposite, he could live. It was really simple. He had never felt so vulnerable, even more than when he lost his invincibility. This was the first thing he had to leave to destiny. He sent a silent prayer, hoping that Jason was treated nicely while in camp. He was conscious of Octavian staring at him, hoping for a mark of fear on his face. Percy put the most serious face he could. He wasn’t going to give the skinny guy that pleasure. He also looked at the sky, not the boat, but higher, to the Gods, which probably were watching the moment their children were finally meeting.

The whole legion, even some of the wounded, had gathered behind him, in formation, their armors repaired and cleaned, their pilum slightly inclined at the boat that was landing and their banners at the front of each cohort. The fifth cohort had a special glow because of the imperial gold equipment.
Reyna stood next to him, while Tyson, Ella and Mrs. O’Leary stood behind them. Tyson smiled and waved, while laughing at the sight of the boat.
They stood waiting for about a minute when the boat landed in front of them, in the middle of the forum. A stair was drop from the board and the demigods started to descend. First came a boy with curly black hair, Leo. Then a girl with uneven hair. Piper maybe? After her, a big tough looking girl came. Clarisse. This was maybe the second time he was glad of seeing her. A blonde guy dropped from the boat, not even using the stair, just hovering down to earth. “So dramatic” Percy thought “Clearly son of Jupiter”. A cheer erupted from the legion when Jason landed, and even Reyna lost her seriousness for a moment. Only Octavian didn’t join the cheering. Percy didn’t cared about all the cheering or the famous Jason; he only had eyes for the girl that had just touched ground. “Annabeth!!!” She looked stunned “ You remember me?” “ I could never forget you”
They stared at each other’s. It was a few seconds, but still Percy tried to read that expression that was always hard to read. Percy was beginning to think that she hated him when she smiled and ran to him. Percy didn’t care anymore of the roman discipline or the fact that about 200 romans were looking at him; he just ran up to her and hugged her. “Finally” he whispered before their lips met. They stood like that for a few minutes or, hours, or weeks, Percy didn’t really cared, until a familiar voice made them break apart. “Well Seaweed Brain, don’t you think you owe your girlfriend an explanation instead of kiss?”
“Actually Thalia, I owe her both. I disappeared for 8 months, imagined all the times I would have kissed her”
“Shut up Seaweed Brain” Annabeth said while smiling. Percy beamed at her and didn’t notice the last person coming down the boat. “Percy!!” she cried and hugged him. He was glad Annabeth wasn’t jealous of her anymore. “Hi Rachel,” he said, looking at the mass of red hair in his chest “I missed you to, could you stop crushing my ribs?” Rachel smiled and let him go. Percy couldn`t be happier. He had recovered his memories, Annabeth was back and so were some of his friends.
Of course, the moment was ruined.
Octavian’s voice echoed through the forum. “Listen to me legionnaires! We have to decide if we must kill the Graecus, or let them live. I must remind you that they came in a warship, held our praetor in their headquarters and now brought him to us, as a hostage. Believe me, the stuffed animals never lie!” Rachel giggled. “Is this guy serious?”
“Shut up Octavian!” Jason shouted. “People of Rome, don’t listen to Octavian! Everything he is saying, everything he has said about Greeks are lies!”
A collective gasped ran through the legion. Octavian chuckled “Please Jason, don’t worry, you are safe now. Obviously those Graecus have torture you into saying that. What did they tell you? That they will destroy Rome? Greeks don’t know how to fight, they are weak. We just destroyed Terra’s armies and the giant Polybotes, what harm could Greeks do?”
“I must remind you Octavian, that it was thanks to Percy that we defeated Terra’s armies. His quest companions told me he fought alone against the spirits of the fifth cohort, who couldn’t die, and retrieved the eagle.” Reyna said in a calm tone. Octavian blushed while a few soldiers snickered. “And, Percy defeated the giant alone also. I think only Jason could have done that in this camp.” Octavian stood rigid, his face almost purple with rage. Things weren’t going the way he wanted.
“Octavian, Greeks aren’t the way you think they are!” Jason said. “They are not weak, or stupid or anything we thought. They aren`t enemies! While I was in Camp Half-blood, I learned new things, and was well cared for. I am not here as a tortured hostage, I am here as a friend of them, and your Prateor, telling you to trust Greeks.”
“There is no time for a senate meeting.” Reyna declared, “We must vote immediately. All in favor of working with the greek demigods, raise your hand.”
Her hand, Jason’s and Percy’s went immediately up. Percy looked at the senators gathered behind him. For a few terrifying seconds they stayed with their hands down. Octavian was about to shout the order of killing him, when all the senators but one raised their hands. Cheers erupted from most of the legion, especially from the 5th cohort. Percy smiled at his friends, while he hugged Annabeth again. He could see Octavian leaving furiously with some of his followers. He smiled.
“I missed you wise girl” “ I missed you to seaweed brain” and they kissed again.
Definitely the best day.
over a year ago greekOmega said…
Okay, sorry it took me so long, here is the second chapter
Disclaimer: All this is own by Rick Riordan


Percy woke up at the sound of shouts outside the barracks. He dressed up quickly, and went outside. He sighted as he saw a bunch of romans arguing with Annabeth. Again.
Since the Argo II had landed, Annabeth had spent a lot of time staring at the roman buildings, the coliseum, and basically everything that had been copied from the old Rome. Some romans had gotten tired from this, as Octavian continued spreading rumors of the demigods in camp half-blood wanting to invade Camp Jupiter. A bunch of children of Minerva, from the 1st and 2nd cohorts had continuously stopped Annabeth from looking at their architecture. They asked her if she wanted to copy their stuff in her "filthy camp-Graecus".
Annabeth had replied at them, how could they called themselves children of Minerva if they didn’t knew that romans copied Greeks. That had really pissed them off. Percy wasn`t sure it was wise to call ignorant a bunch of children of the wisdom goddess. When they asked her who her godly parent was and she said proudly Athena, they burst out laughing, and then challenged her to a “wisdom competition”. Bunch of geeks. Annabeth had beaten them in every single question. Since then, they had been a little less aggressive, but they still were pissed off. Rumors had been spread around the Camp and Annabeth had become unpopular among the romans. They would avoid her and looked at her suspiciously. Percy feared that Hera had meant that Annabeth would make romans break the non-aggression vow and expulse Greek demigods from Camp Jupiter.
“All this is Octavian fault” Percy muttered angrily as he went to break the fight. He hated that guy, and wished he could slash him open and read a happy future for everyone with no more Octavian.
The argument heated up and some guy`s hands were tightly closed in their swords hilts. “All right, break it up!!!” the argument stopped abruptly when Percy shouted. The romans bowed, while Annabeth stood by his side. They only respected Percy and obeyed him because he saved camp. Being Praetor didn`t count, as they were loyal to Octavian and wanted him as Praetor. “Get out” was the only thing Percy could say, he knew that anything else would cause another fight.

Annabeth was scowling and looked really tired and sad. Percy immediately hugged her. “It’s okay Annabeth, don’t worry”
-“I’m not worried, its just I’m tired of arguing with everybody”
Percy held her even more tightly. “Its not your fault, its Octavian’s. Listen; try to avoid those guys from now on. We’ll leave to Rome, the real Rome soon and then we won’t have to listen to them anymore. Annabeth smiled at him and kissed him. “Let’s go to the city” Percy invited.
They walked from the barracks to the city, and Annabeth filled him in with everything that had happened at camp since he disappeared.
“How’s Grover?” “O he’s fine. When your first disappeared, he was worried sick and he left camp to search for you. But I sent a message with iris and told him you were fine from the boat.”
“Oh and Nico is also searching for you, although I couldn’t contact him. I don’t know why.” Percy felt guilty, he hadn’t told anyone about Nico knowing of Camp Jupiter and that he was in it. Only Hazel and Frank knew, and Percy had asked them not to tell anybody. Anyway, Hazel avoided any greek demigod, especially Leo Valdez.
Percy and Annabeth entered to a little café and sat in a table. “Listen Annabeth” Percy started “Nico knew about this camp and he was here when I arrived. We even talked, but he didn’t say anything about my past or that we were friends.” Annabeth expression turned from disbelief to outrage. “He saw you!? And didn’t tell me!? Oh my gods, I’m going to kill him when I see him again!”
“Yeah I also wanted to kill him when I remembered everything, but we might not see him for a while. He was captured by the giants, while he searched for the doors of death.” Percy said in a sad tone.
“N…Nico has been captured?” – “yeah, by the giants” Percy repeated. Annabeth was about to say something, but a small kid interrupted them. He raised his arm in salute and said “Ave Praetor, your presence is required in the senate. And all the Greek demigods too.” He kept looking at Annabeth, while scowling, as if he was annoyed by her presence.
They left to the senate, holding hands but in silence, as the messenger was still with them. When they entered the Senate, they found that they were the last. Reyna and Octavian stood at the center, with their purple tunics on. All the senators sat by the right side and at the left sat Piper, Leo, Clarisse, Thalia, Rachel, Frank, Hazel and Jason. Annabeth sat next to him, while Percy went to the middle, wrapping himself with a purple tunic a boy gave him.
“Now that everybody is here, we can proceed.” Reyna said. Percy looked at Annabeth; she was scowling while looking at Reyna. Percy knew she was remembering the small girl from Circe’s island.
“We have gathered you all to discuss who will be the seventh demigod of the prophecy.” Reyna continued.
“Please, come here the six demigods that are already part of it” Piper, Leo, Jason, Hazel and Frank walked to the center.
“Jason, tell us what you had to do in your quest” Percy said. He already knew, but he had to ask anyway. “We had to free Hera from Gaea’s prison, Piper and Leo broke the prison.”
“Jason, Leo and Piper are obviously part of the seven. And Percy, Hazel and frank also are. The seventh demigod must be elected now. And for that, we need the gods help.” Reyna said and she pointed to Octavian. He walked to an altar and sliced open a stuffed goat. He stood by the fire, while he muttered and danced, while the greek demigods stared in disbelief. Finally he looked back and announced: “The seventh demigod shall be someone who has power among the senate, a person who can be trusted and that is descendent of the god of the sun. We all know who might be that person” he pointed at himself. There was a silence that was broken by Rachel laughing. “oh please, you call that a prophecy? She said, while walking to the center and pushing the stuffed animal to the fire. Octavian turned purple. “How dare you stupid filthy Graecus to burn those entrails!!! They were the proof of what I said!!! Filthy greek, traitor, you should be ex..” Rachel slapped him so hard that Octavian did a full turn and fell to the floor. “For your information, greeks are much more intelligent that Romans. And a true prophecy isn’t announced by looking at the interior of a stuffed animal! A prophecy is told by the spirit of Delphos, which I currently hold.” And as if to prove it, green smoke came from her mouth and she stood really rigid. With a deep voice she chanted:

“9 demigods will travel west. In the true land, 2 shall part
And the child of death they shall save.
7 will go, and joined by the gods, the giants they will fight.
But of one demigod the success will depend
With one choice he will save the world or destroy it.
Beware the mark of Athena in him.”

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