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a Percabeth story
this has nothing to do with my other fã fiction just decided to write it and its just a one time story thnx, puggyluv

7 years after the giant war ( percy and annabeth were 17 then)
Percy's POV
    Right now I'm 24 years old and just got out of college annabeth and i I are living together and work decent jobs during the week. Im and intern a a marine biologist lab while annabeth is a full blown architect reconstructing the empire state building as we speak. Shes at her escrivaninha, mesa doing that cute thing she does with her nose and thinks out loud and doesn't relies...
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We amor our demigods. Love, love, love, fluffy love.
You probably have at least one you want to see again. Don't lie to me, I know you do! I do to. Here are my most likely choices.

1 Annabeth and Percy
Of course we'll be seeing mais of Percabeth (or Annacy). Newsflash, we've already seen Annabeth (if you haven't do yourself a favor and go re-read the sample chapters) and since Percy is most likely going to be found, we'll see him too, at least a bit.

2 thalia and Nico
I honnestly, really like the idea of "all hands on deck" for the children of the Big 3. Who better to find Percy, right?
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