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Rick Riordan is the best-selling author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles, as well as the Tres Navarre mysteries for adults. His latest series, The heroes of Olympus, is a sequel to the Percy Jackson books told from the perspectives of seven different demigods. The Mark of Athena, the third book in The heroes of Olympus series, brings together the characters from the first two installments — The lost Hero and The Son of Neptune — on a quest to defeat the earth mother Gaea. The best part? Annabeth, who’s been around since the days of The Lightning Thief, will finally...
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“Bianca? Bianca, honey, where are you? Come down this instant!” I heard my mother’s voice say from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and continued doing my makeup. Straightening my thick, dark curls was no easy task, and I had been up at dawn to do it. My strange grey eyes were absolutely hideous from my point of view, so I always used a colorful array of eye shadow so my eyes wouldn’t call attention. But of course, all these touch ups on my appearance took nearly forever, and my mom would usually get mad. Fortunately for me, my dad never did. I could hear him telling her to calm down, that...
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I have been rereading to look for hints and stuff and these ones i found and popped out out of the book big time if you have read the The lost Hero.
Well enjoy and comment away

Gleeson hedge wrote a letter to grover on árvore bark about "trying to unleash the Power of Pan and it didn't work where are you"

The Roman Goddess is Guarding Olympus and complains to Percy and Annabeth that she is not repsented enough

Mount whatever the titans base they disscuss that alot and just say it crumbed

The seguinte Great prophecy at the end

"there's going to be alot of new faces here at camp maybe they can take it while we lean back and relax" Percy said it to Annabeth last chapter

Add mais hints you found or you think that are hints in the other books about the Roman's or about the seguinte series
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The lost Hero is the beginning of a new adventure, with the lost hero Jason we get a new perspective of the Demigod world. We also learn of how the Gods can help save the world. We also learn of how this connects with the anterior series as Jason and his army scaled and destroyed Mount Othyr. With this mais of the Demigod lives past are revealed starting with the finding of Bunker 9. As the three heroes battle their enemies, we also find out about the mortals from the myths. As we have two new demigod child (Leo and Piper) we get the idea of the powers of other Gods. The lost Hero is truly...
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I was walking to my regular lunch mesa, tabela i was about to sit down

when some girl pushes me out of the way to sit seguinte to Percy

" Hi Percy" she smiled sweetly.

" Hi" he said I was mad and so I tapped her shoulder and said

" That's my seat"'she turned around and said

" You sit seguinte to Percy Jackson? Yeah right! Even if your his

sister" she smirked at me like I am the new girl what am I going

to do. " Hey" Percy stood up I put my hand up " No, Big Bro I

got this"
" But sis-" he started.

" I said I got this" I almost yelled I am so mad of these kids

pushing me around because I'm new I'm gonna show...
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Piper McLean is a the kind of character I call a Mary Sue, and I hate her for it For those of you who don't know, a Mary Sue is a poorly written character (commonly found in bad fanfiction). This character is often female (a male version is a Gary Stu), and readers find her hard to believe.
Mary Sues are typically beautiful, to the point where you forget to breathe at the sight of her, and Piper is extremely beautiful. 'But she's supposed to be beautiful!' you say. 'She's the daughter of Aphrodite!' Yes, but in the PJO canon, daughters of Aphrodite are pretty much useless in battle, but not...
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Rating: T
Type: One Shot
Genre: Fanfiction, humor

Disclaimer: Mr. Troller [Rick Riordan] owns these characters. I WANT LEO. </3 D8

Dedication: The UK cover of the Mark of Athena. As Tracy said on the wall: "Percy and Jason look constipated." Voila, this one shot is born. So don't ask other than that where this idea came from- just- don't.


Leo woke up in his bunk in his ship, the Argo II. He had decided that the number of caffeinated drinks were probably NOT healthy after fifteen cups, and had crashed out with his legs hanging off one end of the bunk. His friends...
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Annabeth strode off the ship, stepping nervously onto the gorund. Annabeth didn't know if Percy had remembered her or not. What if he met someone else, after all it has been 8 months, she thought worried. She felt Jason stand beside her he was tapping his foot anxiously.
Annabeth scanned the crowd looking for messy black hair, and green eyes. She saw nothing but Romans. Then as if the crowd knew who Annabeth was looking for the Romans stood apart, making a pathway for two people.
The two people were in dark purple togas, they walked slowly as if in slow motion. Finally, after 8 months Annabeth...
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