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emos suck look at 1:06 it is what a emo is doing NOW
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posted by SilverFanGirl
You are not alone. What about your friends? Wait, your answer might be, "What friends?"
Answer- The ones that YOU pushed away from you. That you blamed for every little thing that happened.
Q- What if there is no God?
A- There is. I experienced it. I heard a little voice in my head saying things. I ignored it. Finally, I listened to it and good things are happening to me. I used to cut myself. I didn't think God was on my side. That I was his play-thing. Well, I got to go to Spencer Lake Camp and after that, my life was changed. I no longer cut myself and if I want to, I push the thought away...
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posted by DarrenGruch
Ever since my family died down to be just me.... I`ve been alone since they died in a car accident. I got out fine (only with cuts and a migrane), but they died. I now live with my grandpa... but he doesn't get me..... I cut my self, dresss diffrently, and never really talk.

4 days after the funeral for my family.... I became Emo. But the dia my Family died, something changed within me..... something good went rotten.
My Grandpa see's it, but ignores my pain and anger... only if that drunk driver that hit us was sober and never... spun out of control. Some dia I hope his coração gives out and he dies in jail.

Does any one feel the same?
posted by deathofjeyad
Life isn't fair....You live,You die,Your reborn again.But what if god chose some that want to die sooner than expected?What about them?Some of those people are kids!It's not fair that I(along with others)Want to die!We hate what life throws at us and we made our own race...EMO..
Mentally challenging
I know that's not what it stands for but isn't that what it is?We aren't the same as one another
but we see through the same eyes.

My Savior
We are not skilled to understand
what many things the future has planed
family and friends help us along the way
but someone like I has planed...
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