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 Self-explanatory, I'd say.
Self-explanatory, I'd say.
por Rush Limbaugh


You know, yesterday I was talking about Mrs. Clinton. Hillary Clinton appeared on The View, and Whoopi Goldberg -- I did not make this connection yesterday. This thought did not hit me until today. But remember when Pelosi was on the show with her husband, Paul, out there in the front row, and Whoopi Goldberg said that she would like to... Now, look, I'm just going to tell you what she said. I'm quoting her. She said she would like to "do" Pelosi and her husband in a troika, and of course Pelosi had the Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante smile on her face, "Hee-hee-hee." They cut down to Paul,...
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posted by MajorDork74
"Norman Hsu. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge scandal. It reaches into the depths of the Democrat establishment. It touches very deeply their presidential front-runner to the core, and the broadcast media have done everything possible to downplay it or ignore it. The same media that focused on what shoes fred figglehorn Thompson was wearing in Iowa -- hey, they were Guccis. I wear 'em, too. Way to go, Fred. Screw you, elitists. What the hell are you drinking and eating behind closed doors, and what the hell kinds of diamonds and jewelry and shoes are you wearing? Phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time...
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