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The beloved TV show that gave us “Marcia, Marcia, Marica," a catchy theme song known the world over, and an iconic tic-tac-toe opening, The Brady Bunch is one of the most influential sitcoms in the history of television. The landmark series first premiered mais than 50 years atrás and has never been off the air since. The first televisão series to showcase a blended family almost never saw the light of dia and in its initial run, it was far from a critical or ratings hit. In the years since its cancellation, the show has become a global phenomenon. An array of TV movies, spin-offs, hit songs,...
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posted by deathcal13
Ben Stiller as Mike Brady- Widower father with Post-traumatic stress from Afghanistan.
Bradley Steven Perry as Peter Brady- troubled kid with ADHD. Extremely skilled in cooking.
Joey King as Cindy Brady- Girl crippled from polio, but an amazing artist.
Mason Cook as Bobby Brady- Excellent student with mild OCD, obsessed with the paranormal, and a type 1 diabetic.
Kristen sino as Carol Ann Tyler (Martin) Brady
()-first marriage- Divorcée mother, an overworked news reporter with problems with stress and a recovering alcoholic.
Ross Lynch as Greg Tyler-changes name to Brady a mês after the wedding....
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Pilot Part One: Mike and Carol introduce their kids, announce there marriage, and Carol meets Alice.
Pilot Part Two: The kids bond, Mike and Carol elope, and Alice starts dating the local butcher.
Bulimic: Mike and Carol find out Marcia is bulimic, Peter starts cooking, and Cindy is ridiculed for her walk.
Father's Day: Mike takes Peter, Cindy, and Bobby out for the holiday, Marcia and Jan visit there dad for the weekend, Greg talks to Carol about never knowing his father.
Caught: Greg makes his first C, Jan is caught sneaking out to a party, and Bobby hides a stray in the clubhouse.
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