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hikari_hiwatari posted on Feb 05, 2013 at 07:52AM
To start off if your gonna be a teacher please be a proper age to do so if your gonna be one of the characters or if your gonna be your own character and your going to the school as a student then I suggest you be the proper age umm age 3 to 10 or 12 *shrugs* as long as its the proper age I think that will be fine


1. Since this is pre-school I ask please no swearing
2. Please be nice and fair to the characters no matter what you are OC or not please play fair and be nice
3. I don't know about you but I think it's a bit strange for kids under age dating (this is not a strict rule)
4. No M rated scenes please
5. No god modding or bullying
6. HAVE FUN!!!!

(For people who wants to make up their own characters)

Teacher or student?;
Extra Info: (meaning if there's something that you don't wanna add to your bio like its a secret or something then add it here)

Main Characters:

Rapunzel: (taken: RapunzelFitz)
Jack Frost: (taken: TheJackFrost)
Merida: (opened)
Hiccup: (opened)

Now for the extra characters like say Eugene or Astred or any characters that are around one of the characters age they will either be students or teachers (it is very much up to you) by the way for the characters like Jack or the older characters like Hiccups Dad or something I don't care what you make them teacher or student it does not matter


Mrs Johnson (hikari_hiwatari)
Kago (totolove)


Snow (hikari_hiwatari)
Kate (totolove)
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