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posted by MelodyLaurel
Hi it's me what's up baby? I'm sorry listen I'm gonna be late tonight so don't stay up and wait for me, okay?
Where are you?
What? Say... say that again.
You're really dropping out. I think my battery must be low. Listen if you can hear me we're going to this place nearby, all right? Gotta go.

Let me tell you the story
'Bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my boys went out
Just to end up in misery
Was about to go início when
There she was standing in-front of me
And said "Hi, I got a little place nearby
Wanna go?"

I should've said no
Someone's waiting for me
Then I called...
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Yeah, yeah
I wanna know
Can we spend this life together
Be the shield from rainy weather
Tell me can I
Baby tell me can I be your man

Let's be apaixonados (be lovers)
Girl I promise to be faithful
True and honest yeah forever
I know you've been hurt
But you really need to give us a chance

You need love
Please don't change the way you are
Soon you'll live within my heart
You deserve it, you know it
you've been searching for it all of your life
You need love
don't be scared to try again
You can rest upon my chest
And I'll hold you, I'll save you
you've been searching for it all of your life
(You need love, you need...
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Shape Of My coração

Baby, please try to forgive me
Stay here don't put out the glow
Hold me now don't bother
If every minuto it makes me weaker
You can save me from the man that I've become
oh yeah

Looking back on the things I've done
I was trying to be someone
Played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Sadness is beautiful
Loneliness is tragical
So help me I can't win this war
oh no
Touch me now don't bother
If every segundo it makes me weaker
You can save me from the man I've become


I'm here with my confession
Got nothing to hide no more
I don't know where...
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Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
You could be anyone today
Maybe I would recognize you On a crowded rua

Maybe you'll take me por surprise
Will you be the one I had in mind

[Chorus (emphasis on AJ):]
There'll come a day
When you'll walk out of my dreams
Face to face
Like I'm imagining
Baby how can I be sure
That you're the one I'm waiting for
Will you be unmistakable


People say we're watching our lives
Through a glass
Desperately waiting on a chance
I know you're out there
Holding on, holding out for me

How are we to know the time is right...
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"Bye Bye Love"

Yeah, yeah, oh,
Yeah, yeah,

You should be right here laying seguinte to me
But baby you chose to amor the hard way
You could be right here getting the best of me
But baby you decided he was your man

And now that you're finding out
He's playing little games, you calling me again
You say you want me around
But I'm not sure now if I wanna be down

I think I wanna stay single
Maybe we're better apart
See I don't want a girl
That, only wanna come back
Cause, some other man broke her coração

So Bye Bye amor
Bye amor
So Bye Bye amor (Bye Love)
Bye amor

Crazy how the tables turn...
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posted by bera

Listen up

This scene's so hypnotic
Smoking mirrors, lights and magic
Paper faces in gold
There's solider boys, beauty queens
Everyone's a mystery
It's got me losing control

Yearning, I'm yearning for the one to steal my eyes
Wanna play in this game of disguise

It's a masquerade, a amor parade
So won't you stay and dance with me
All through the night and dia
My masquerade, I need you baby
So stay with me tonight

Masquerade, Masquerade, Masquerade, masquerade
Masquerade, Masquerade, Masquerade, masquerade

Just like a perfect dream
I don't ever wanna leave
A thousand freaks...
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posted by bera

I wake up every morning and see your face
lying right beside me it fills the o espaço
in my coração
I can't live without you
don't wanna figure right how to
and every time I lay my head down to sleep
the emptiness inside of me starts to beat
so loud
I can't hear the sound
do you hear it?
for you

I fall in amor all over again
each time
I lay my eyes on you
I pretend
I feel so helpless
without you
feel so helpless
without you
It takes a piece of me
each time you leave
I feel it in my chest
so hard to breathe
I feel so helpless
without you
I feel so helpless
without you

I witness every trick...
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Some say that amor isn't fair,
But they don't know you and me,
And when they tell me that amor doesn't last that long,
Thats when I look at you,

And it's alright,
Just let me lead you,

It's okay if you close your eyes,
I'll be standin por your side,
I'm gonna amor you the best that I can,
You're my coração and you're my best friend,
And I promise til the end, (yeah),
I'm gonna amor you the best that I can (that I can),

Time cannot tear us apart (no, no, no),
Were stronger than yesterday (yeah),
And though we've travelled so far you're still close to me,
Love changes everything,

I know that...
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posted by bera

When you come back I won't be here
She said and gently pulled me near
If you want to talk you can call
And no it's not your fault

I just smiled and said let go of me
But there's something that I've just gotta know
Did someone else steal my part?
She said it's not my fault

Then my coração did time in Siberia
Was waiting for the lie to come true
'Cause it's all so dark and mysterious
When the one you want doesn't want you too

I was drifted in between
Like I was on the outside looking in, yeah yeah
In my dreams you are still here
Like you've always been

Oh yeah, my coração did time in Siberia
Was waiting...
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posted by superstar_kk
Intimate scenes
Fresh from my dreams
Over a triple X movie screen
I couldn't care less about being seen
A higher self esteem if you're on me?
(Ain't that the way it's supposed to be?)
I say baby do you think
Sugar so sweet should rot my teeth
But instead it just rottens me
Spoiled crazy

Public display of affection
(Gotta make 'em)
Pointing in my direction
(Watch me, watch me)
Public display of affection
Makes them wish they had it this way

We'd be at the club, the restaurant, the grocery store or the movies
Kissing and touching with my hands all over your booty
Wherever it is, we is, I amor it truly
Your PDA...
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posted by cena-fan
It takes a lot to know what is love
It's not the big things, but the little things
That can mean enough
A lot of prayers to get me through
And there is never a dia that passes by
I don't think of you
You were always there for me
Pushing me and guiding me
Always to succeed

You showed me
When I was young just how to grow
You showed me
Everything that I should know
You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
Cuz mom you always were
The perfect fan

God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could
And I've had many years of grace
And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
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It's not that I can't live without you
It's just that I don't even want to try
Every night I dream about you
Ever since the dia we said goodbye
If I wasn't such a fool
Right now I'd be holding you
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
Baby if I only knew

The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way back to your heart

I don't know how it got so crazy
But I'll do anything to set things right
Cuz your amor is so amazing
Baby you're the best thing in my life
Let me prove my amor is real
And made you feel the way I feel
I promise I would give the world
If only you would tell me girl


Give me one mais chance, to give my amor to you
Cuz no one on this earth loves you like I do
Tell me...


I turn back time
To make you mine
And find a way back to your heart
I beg and plead
Fall to my knees
To find a way back to your coração