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brimenyy said …
cadastrar-se my spot for Dulce! :) link Posted over a year ago
daughterofcokie said …
What channel offers telenovelas with English subtitles? Any ideas? Posted over a year ago
srebrnyblekit said …
Can i find ABISMO DE PASION fãs here ? :) xx Posted over a year ago
MaryMarie commented…
I saw the novela. You should make a spot for it. over a year ago
aceg said …
Has anyone seen Amar y Temer? Posted over a year ago
alirioaguero2 said …
New Fanfic Telenovela ''Los Intrusos'' or ''The Intruders'' is coming soon, written por me. If you are intersted let me know, and I'll start composição literária it down here on FanPop in Fanfic section. Thanks:)

This is supposed to be first original fanfic telenovela on FanPop:) Posted over a year ago
alirioaguero2 said …
People we shall remember, who died in 2011 and left their mark in telenovelas world:(

JORGE LAVAT (1933-2011)
LORENZO DE RODAS (1930-2011)

RIP and may your names be remembered in telenovelas world.
Posted over a year ago
ded99 said …
like new look Posted over a year ago
OTHjovana commented…
I'm glad you like it ;) over a year ago
myfrau said …
hey, i'm really obsessed with the telenovela pasion de gavilanes , especially with sara y franco, so guys can you tell where can i watch it online or download it, pleeeease <3 Posted over a year ago
big smile
alirioaguero2 said …
Hi! New fan! I actually watched, entire or partially at least 50 telenovelas in my life, so I'm quite qualified to talk about them! Greetings to everyone!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Paola17 said …
hey.... if you like Jorge Luis Pila please cadastrar-se to his club:))
here is a link:

link Posted over a year ago
rosyn_cullen said …
Do you like "Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán" ? Please cadastrar-se my spot!

link Posted over a year ago
Agua commented…
si its gud over a year ago
Paola17 said …
there is a new club espinela ( jencarlos canela & gaby espino)
...please cadastrar-se it !!!


thank you:))) Posted over a year ago
ded99 said …
link Posted over a year ago
Paola17 said …
hey...this is new spot of mas sabe el diablo...please cadastrar-se it!!!!!

link Posted over a year ago
kendall23 commented…
i loved that novela over a year ago
olta said …
inocente de ti Posted over a year ago