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tekkencentre posted on Jul 02, 2008 at 09:56AM
I must say that I love Nina´s and Anna´s endings in every Tekken!I also like Heihachi´s from Tekken 5 and Lee´s from Tekken 5.Asuka´s T5 ending is very good too!Wang has got a good ending in T5.What about your opinion?

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over a year ago beats said…
I like Xiaoyu's endings cos theyre mostly animated. I always remember her ending in Tekken 3, which I thought was cool.
over a year ago KeeganH said…
I always love Hwarangs endings haha and Baek doo sans... but yepp nina in t5 is funny
over a year ago skyress-drago said…
Hwoarang and Jin
over a year ago ceeman said…
Nina blowing Anna up in Y5 was tyt, King's in T5 was kool, Marshal Law,s in T5, Paul's in T5, "jin's, kazuya'a and hworang's in T5 and least fav is the emotional ending of Christy on T5
over a year ago God1 said…
Craig, Paul, and Marshall Law's Tekken 5 endings.
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over a year ago Aisuanime said…
Xiayuo s was pretty cool lol uhm Hwoarangs was cool and Asukas was hilarious, anna and Ninas were funny too.
over a year ago MarioLuigi25 said…
From Tekkens 1 & 2: Kazuya Mishima
From Tekken 3: Forrest Law and Gon
From Tekkens 4 & 5: Marshall Law
From Tekken Tag Tournament: Forrest Law (it's so funny XD)
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over a year ago Nariko said…
Tekken 5: Julia's so sad...
Tekken 4: Law's so funy!!!
Tekken Tag: Unknown's really cool!!
Tekken 3: Julia's!
Tekken 2: Jun's
over a year ago kunimista said…
paul ending tekken 5
in space on a ship is in a building practicing focus's on alien drawing on brick wall and punches it shatering it Paul shouts yeah anytime anyplace bring it on ya aliens over 500 ufo's outside ready to take paul on finishes goodluck paul XD
over a year ago SaiyanGirl said…
I loved Unknown's ending!
Julia is my sec favorite but i dont like her endings!
I loved Angel's ending!
I loved Kunimitsu's ending too!
Paul and Law have got very funny endings!
over a year ago IceDragon5555 said…
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lars ending
over a year ago nagato821 said…
Tekken: None
Tekken 2: None
Tekken 3: None
Tekken 4: None
Tekken 5: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, Asuka Kazama, Jinpachi Mishima
Tekken 6: Roger Jr., Lee Choalan, Marshall Law, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Julia Chang
Tekken Tag Tournament: None
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Lars, Alisa, Heihachi
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Itachi_Boy commented…
tekken tag 2 Lars ending, lol it was very funny! over a year ago
over a year ago Likyo said…
I liked Hwoarang and Lars ending from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the comedic value, Jun/Unknown mostly for the visuals.