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Does anyone want to get rid of thier turtles? I am looking for some for my son.

I am not really concerned about the condition they will be played with por a five yr old so missing limbs is not a factor , but mainly need weapons also. you can contact me @
 TJ3 posted over a year ago
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PoddoChan said:
Uhh can't you buy some? Are you poor or something? And mostly, Little kids like me go on Fanpop, They don't know how to transfer items! And if they ask their Mom and Dad they'll be like "Don't! They could be thives!" or like "No! There's no way you can do that!" and they might even block their kids from fanpop! So please, Post this on where adults go! No hard feelings :) I mean it in a nice way to save yourself from trouble :) not yelling or anything :)
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posted over a year ago 
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