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An endless Night [to Jasper Hale]  shellycane 12 17044 over a year ago
Twilight Twitter Roleplay site  AliceCullen00 0 2428 over a year ago
Visiting =)  Nahla1309 10 2834 over a year ago
Renesmee moment!!  barbie91lala 2 3012 over a year ago
Thanks to all :D  shellycane 1 2582 over a year ago
Revival  barbie91lala 11 2185 over a year ago
ATTENTION Twilight fans!!!  ForsakenMoon19 0 841 over a year ago
JUST ANNOUNCED! TIME OUT Londres DEVOTE SPECIAL ISSUE TO NEW MOON  hollywoodboy 0 880 over a year ago
When you feel like burning (update)  shellycane 3 656 over a year ago
Storytime!  BellaCullen96 59 3345 over a year ago
Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!  shellycane 3 710 over a year ago
a new site  _Angel_ 0 752 over a year ago
Rosalie's Decision  Yama 5 855 over a year ago
to Rosalie  bella585 2 690 over a year ago
to al the people who are in roleplaing  bella585 0 1210 over a year ago
I tried to hide [Roleplay]  shellycane 9 842 over a year ago
Please No mais Roleplaying Forums  BellaCullen96 1 592 over a year ago
bella and me(emmet)  bella585 5 620 over a year ago
to alice  bella585 13 1710 over a year ago
to alice  bella585 0 871 over a year ago
On leaving  Nahla1309 11 727 over a year ago
New Storytime!  Repo-girl 2 571 over a year ago
ROLEPLAYING!!  Yama 7 669 over a year ago
To Alice  Stephaniexoxo 4 792 over a year ago
ROLEPLAY!!  barbie91lala 19 2309 over a year ago
Hi  Stephaniexoxo 1 841 over a year ago
We will roleplay people, but before: READ THIS!  shellycane 11 795 over a year ago
To the new members [and of course all others] :D  shellycane 0 583 over a year ago
Welcome to the members!  shellycane 8 544 over a year ago