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"Your bellybutton popped," Alejandro smirked, running his finger over my protruding navel.

I looked down at my stomach, "Oh my gosh, when did that happen?"

"I don't know, but it's cute on you."

He reached over to my lips and kissed me.

"We should really start thinking about a birth plan," He said.

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"A birth plan, what you're planning on doing after you go into labor, the method, any medications, those things."

"Um, what's the plan where they just rip the baby out of me?"

"That's a C-section."

"I’m not sure what I want right now. Right now, I like the idea of that. Do you know...
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Oh my gawd, Aleheather, I'm so sorry I've abandoned you..curse you hetalia - axis powers -_-
It was late afternoon in Gallagher High. For the Total Drama group, it was the last class before lunch time.
Ugh. I'm sick of looking at the same clock all the time.. Heather muttered in her head. She looked around for something else to mindlessly gaze at, when she saw a certain figure.
This figure had dark hair, that was short in the front and long in the back, and was unbeilevably shaggy. He wore a red jacket, with the words Marìa on the back in gold.
She immediatley realized who it was.
Ale-Alejandro..? I can't...
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Heather's POV

“Sh, it’s going to be alright, Heather.”

I could barely remember how we even got into this position. I had my arms wrapped around Alejandro while I was his lap. I cried into his shoulder.

“No it’s not,” I mumbled, “Nothing’s going to be alright. I’m having your bastard child and you’re saying that it’s going to be alright.”

“It will, mi amor. I’m going to be here with you and we’ll be in this together.”

“But what about my parents?”

He pulled away from the grip he had on me and I let go of him; he looked me in the eyes, “What about them?”

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Damn it! Why did Courtney have to go into labor now? Why did she have to do it when Alejandro was obviously in the middle of doing something very important? And why did Trent have to speak up when he could see what was going on? Why?

Immediately, Courtney’s scream came from inside, “Trent, get me to a hospital!”

“Are you guys coming of what?” Trent asked nervously.

I stood up angrily, “Can’t you see that we were in the middle of something?”

Alejandro stood up from the ground and placed a hand on my shoulder, “It’s all right, mi amor. My pergunta can wait.”

I scowled. No, it...
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Another couple of weeks came by, along with the middle of my pregnancy. natal was also nearing. My doctor had to dismay me though; I was still happy about Marisol coming sooner, so this news couldn’t bring me down too much, even if it was pretty bad.

“You’re over halfway done with your pregnancy,” She stated as I was preparing to leave.

“And?” I asked. What was she getting at?

“We’re going to have to have an appointment every two weeks just to make sure that everything is alright.”

“Is this another one of your jokes?”

“No, but we’ll have to take extra care for her polio,”...
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