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Noah's POV

Noah had wondered when he'd see Cody. He'd been watching Total Drama Island every week and tonight Cody had been voted off.

Cody arrived at the Playa de Losers, and Noah had stood there like an idiot trying to get up the nerve to go talk to him. During the dodgeball game, back on the island, Noah had sort of developed a crush on the other boy when Cody threw that ball at the other team.

Noah had wanted to talk to him more, but then Noah had been voted off that night. He'd been furious at his teammates for voting him off and he was upset that he didn't get a chance to talk to Cody....
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posted by neonwalflower
Cody's P.O.V

Today's the day...

Today's the day...

"Ok Cody get your act together! It's been 3 years already. Now I think it's the right time to tell Gwen you amor her. Yeah ok."

I started to pace back and forth in my hotel room. Chris had us stay 4 mais days in Hawaii for reasons unknown but I think it was just so he could film us before we left for good. Yup that's right the old cast is being booted for the newbies! I couldn't be mais pysched. Tomarrow was the dia we were leaving and tonight was a dumb dance Chris was forcing us to attend and it's the last time I would...
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Everyone was eating lunch at the cafeteria. Noah grabbed his lunch and winced at it. It was... moving... he decided to ignore it. All of the mesa, tabela were crowded. 'Geez, Chris.' Noah thought. 'Why did you have to pick so many contestants?'

All Noah saw was an empty assento por Cody. He shrugged to himself, but his head was spinning.

He sat down in front of Cody. "Hey," Noah said, trying not to blush. Cody looked up. "Oh, hey... Noah." Cody said, hoping he didn't sound too stupid.

Noah slowly dug his spoon into what appeared to be mashed potatoes. He slowly raised his spoon to his mouth and stuck the...
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 before the season started :] ...... and before sierra
before the season started :] ...... and before sierra
First season, first love
first budding of us secretly coming out.
i feel your anxiety por the clenching of your hand, mais nervous por the second.
lifting your chin up i say "don't worry, we'll get through this hard time." a small glimspe of hope appeared in is beautiful cerceta, verde-azulado eyes.
once aboard the metal plane, we sneaked off into the darkness of the cargo hold where even the smallest of camera eyes could not see our presense.
i hold you tightly as you shake, losing all control because of a new face. the face that knows to much, in the meeting of too little.
throwing off even the hardest of aspecting...
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
After Cody got up he tugged on Noah’s shoulder.
Noah: “What?”
Cody: “Can you tell them to get out, nobody listen’s to me.”
Noah: “Ok…Izzy, get out and leave us alone…”
Izzy: “To do what exactly?!
Noah’s eyes widened and he blushed…thank god for tan skin: “Get-out!”
Izzy: “Okay okay!”
Izzy skipped out. Lindsay followed and Tyler also followed her with his arm around her shoulder.
Ezekiel: “You guy’s have fun, eh.”He walked out leaving Noah standing there steaming and Cody sitting on the cama looking down also blushing.
Noah breathed and sighed.
They sat there on...
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posted by TDI_Angel
And now, the much awaited fourth installment! =D
Noah and I become closer and closer as time goes on. I even start telling him the mais embarrassing things about me; when he found Jerry, my stuffed emu my mom gave me when I was little, I didn't make up some lie. I didn't say "Oh, my little cousin must have dropped that in my suitcase." I told him flat-out that I still slept with a stuffed animal.

Even mais surprisingly, he didn't ridicule me (like anyone else would have) or rip Jerry to shreds, like anyone else would have threatened to do. He just laughed,...
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 codys dream.
codys dream.
cody's POV

I had a dream last night.A flashback, was about the awake-a-thon.i had a dream,where i fell asleep,but i was still able to see the whole camp.I saw Noah.Yeah,we were good friends,i guess.I didn't get to hang out with him much,because he was only on the island for 3 days.but,i saw myself,sleeping.Noah got close,behind my head,actually,and he fell asleep.

I figured that nothing would happen.But something did happen.He kissed my ear.

the seguinte morning,i woke up,and i saw it happen.But,i was smiling.then,noah woke up and saw what i was doing.And then,we both started screaming....
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Sierra and Noah are fighting
sierra: NO U DIE!
cody: STOP IT
sierra and noah: yes sir!
cody: O.o
cody: noah im not gay so plz dont kiss me, sierra ur a werido leave me alone!
noah runs off
cody: noah i didnt mean i didnt want to be friends
everyone: hes gay
-------------- with noah and cody ----------------
cody: noah i like u as a friend u have to understand that!
noah: i know but it was like so-
cody kisses noah
noah: u said ur not gay
cody: i was cheering u up now come in partys on!
noah thinking: i amor u 2
-------------- at night --------------------------
They had a party and noah went to cama in codys bed(they are roommates)
cody: noah?
noah didnt wae up
cody: noah?!?
cody: ok then
cody gets in cama with noah
posted by canddfan29
One night, I stood outside Noah's house in a black and white suit. We were going on our first date, and I was really nervous. I'd practically had a nervous breakdown in the car, sweating like a pig and desperately trying to keep my car spotless and perfect for Noah.
   Noah's door opened, startling me. He stood there, and I silently gasped. He was breathtaking in a red and white tuxedo, and his chocolate brown eyes were locked on mine. The obvious amor in his eyes made him blush and look away.
   "Hey,"he said smiling at me.
   "Hey sexy," I joked.
   "Oh haha." I felt him hold my hand,...
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posted by Liepe
Disclaimer: Don't own Total Drama Island

This fanfic dose not belong to me, it belongs to WillowWitch on

Justin was looking around, making sure no one would notice him. Today was exactly one dia after the fight over Noah began, and somehow, Duncan and Cody were already reaching out to him. If he was going to stay within reach of Noah's love, he had to act now. Although he was hoping no one would notice him, it was actually pretty hard with Katie and Sadie looking for him to stare at. However, with...
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I soon arrived at the island once Chris was done with all the boring and non-important people i noticed one who stood out from the rest not a ordinary person someone who has caught my eye.As I walked to the dock he was there with his serious eyes and dark brown hair.He just stood there and stared at me.Then said "What are you staring at"in a bossy little tone."Hello you were staring at me"i yelled!I soon continued down the dock but noticed someone was following me.Was it a girl who was in to me?No.It was Noah!"Is there something else you need to know"?He stood there and walked away(akward I...
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posted by TDI_Angel
Just a little NoCo I whipped up. My first fanfic in a while. Rated T for safety.

There he was, just laying there, sweet and innocent and completely unattainable. Noah thought he looked like an angel when he slept. I sound like a ridiculous schoolgirl, Noah scolded himself, I know Cody's straight. Beside, I have a boyfrien back home, so why bother? As he lay there, he thought about Joey-- his boyfriend back home. Joey had been with him through so much, always there to help him and protect him. And Noah loved him. He didn't need some straight guy to ruin his relationship....
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posted by mehparty3
Noah's POV
I don't know where I am or how I got here, but I was... floating. No, that's not the right word... I was in some sort of bubble. Soon I realized I couldn't breathe. I held my breath and closed my eyes. 'Where am I?' I thought. Soon, the amor of my life's face appeared: Cody Anderson. He floated towards me, and I was suddenly aware that I was underwater. That explained why I was floating, and why I couldn't breathe. But... I didn't feel wet. "Noah..." Cody spoke my name. Oh, so we could talk underwater, but we couldn't breathe? I tried to say something, but nothing came out. "Noah......
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part three! WHOOT-WHOOT! To be completly honest, I never thought I'd make it past part one, but I guess i'm a better writter than I thought. ^u^ I just wanna give a shout-out to Neonwalflower and Starburst-rock for being so supportive! Oh, and as always, this was inspired por a rocken DxG series made por starburst, so kindly check it out already.

Also, this part has Cody's POV, and I never really have written in his perception, so I hope you all like it! Okay, on with the friggin' story! x3

*Noah's P.O.V.*

We were all...
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Noah was leitura his book on the plane as they flew to wherever Chris decided to take them today He coulden't get into his book to much because of everyone yelling and making alot of noise. Chris decided that everyone would get to sit in first class today just because he felt like it. Personally he would have rather been sitting anywhere but where he was because of all the noise But at least he got to be in the same room as Cody. Noah always had a thing for Cody but never told him because that just wasn't how he was he never spoke of his feelings. Now everyone was just annoying him especially...
continue reading...'s the seguinte part! X3 I'm so happy this story is making all of you commentator' other words.....comment. .3. Yeah; I'm gonna start this already! XD


*Cody's POV*

I slept surprisingly well that night – last night – but all to soon the alarms blare woke me up. I groaned only slightly, and swiftly turned off the alarm. I then sat up, and stretched out before happily going to take a shower. Thanks to the full night of sleep; I felt mais calm and rested than I had in a while. After...
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posted by nocofangirl218
It's part 5! doces milho all around ya'll! :D Seriously though, thanks to all of you who have been supporting this little fiction! ^u^ It's comforting to know I have some reveiwers. TuT Anyway, I hope you all enjoy pt.5! :D


*Noahs P.O.V.*

After Trent's 'preformence' and when Justin got back from the beach, we all went to bed. I was honestly very tired, but I found it very hard to sleep. My mind kept going back to what Justin told me ealier, and......I was afraid he might be right.

'No....he can't be right! He.....he just...
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A – Again

It was late and the ex-contestants, plus Sierra, were settling down to fall asleep. Some of them had already gone to get for help while everyone else stayed por DJ and his mama's bus. A few were already asleep. Actually, only Cody, Sierra, Ezekiel, and Noah were asleep. There was a snicker. Everyone turned to look at Duncan, wondering what he was laughing about.

"Look at the two nerds," he said, still chuckling softly. He pointed to Noah and Cody. When everyone looked to where he was pointing, a few mais people snickered.

Cody had his arms behind his head and was leaning against the...
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Warning: RATED T for Sexuality/Romance and Angst

Noah just sat there, on his cama looking at the covers...confused. 'What the hell happened last night?' He thought to himself.

Cody and Noah were both sitting on Cody's cama in his suite, watching the movie 'Far From Heaven' on the T.V.
Noah reached for the pipoca in the bowl on Cody's lap, at the same time that Cody was doing as well. Noah accidently grabbed Cody's hand...he couldn't let go...
They looked at each-other, their faces were just inches away.
Noah started to lean forward, so was Cody.
Noah turned his head slowly to the left,...
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Noah looked at his watch. Cody said he'd be here at opening time, which happened to be 10 minutos ago. Noah flipped open his phone and dialed Cody's number. Cody's answering machine picked up. Noah slammed the phone shut and jammed it into his board shorts. 'That's it,' Noah thought, standing up. He began to walk to his scooter when...

"Noah! Hey!" a voice shouted out. Noah sighed. That voice always calmed him down. Cody jogged up to him, almost in slow motion. Noah smiled. "Hey, Cody. I was afraid you had stood me up," Cody clicked his tongue. "Babe, I'd never do that." he said, grabbing his...
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