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Trent's pov!
sup,it's me again. y`know i have broke up with her,right? well she ain't worth it. she dividido, dividir me in to two,and went on to this jerk,named Duncan. after all i done for her! wrote pointless songs about her,tried to let her win a few challenges,i even risked my life for her,but she doesn't seem to care..this is touro shit.

never made it as a wise man
i couldn't cut it as a poor man stealin
tired of livin like a blind man
i`m sick inside without a sense of feelin
and this is how you remind me

this is how you remind me of what i really am
and this is how you remind me of what i really am

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Trent had been waiting for Gwen to come out of the bathroom for the past few minutes.He wondered how she was feeling."I hope she's okay." Trent thought to himself.Gwen walked out of the bathroom a few segundos later and hugged Trent."It turns out I am pregnant. We're going to be parents." Gwen told him."I see."Trent said to her."Have you decided on a plan yet?" Trent asked"I have; and I don't think we can hide this anymore." Gwen replied.
"I'm not getting an abortion or giving up my baby for adoption. We're going to raise our child together and we have to tell our parents even though they could...
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